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Haynes Bridge Community,
We have the pleasure of spending 7.5 hours a day with your child(ren) every day of the week :) We see them at their best and when they may not make the best decisions. Although, we don’t want our children making bad decisions, with this age group, it happens. We recently experienced some bad decisions that we had not experienced as a middle school before. A couple of 7th grade students brought in alcohol from home. They shared it with other students. Fortunately, a teacher noticed the unusual behavior, reported it, and we were able to intervene immediately. I am bringing this to your attention to encour-age you to have a conversation with your child about the consequences of this type of behavior, including the dangers of alcohol. Two of the students involved had never had anything on their record. These were well behaved, studious children who made a dangerous decision that could have led to someone being harmed. The following link may assist you in having a conversation with your child https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts​ . If you have concerns and need support, please reach out to our school. We have counselors and a social worker who are here to support our school community. Now that you are aware that students at this age may experiment with alcohol, please check your home to determine if you have items that your child should not have access to. How do you ensure they do not experiment with what you have in the house? This is especially important to consider with the summer months ahead when there may be days that you leave your child unsupervised for periods of time. In addition to checking your own home, make sure you know the families of the children that your child is hanging around with. Talk to your child to get ahead of them trying anything new that would be a risk to their health and well being.

Mrs. Malekebu

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