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Junior Beta Winners

Junior Beta - Peacock.jpg

Junior Beta - Amstutz.jpgJunior Beta - Lin.jpg

The Junior Beta Club recently attended the State Convention in Savannah.  Sydney Peacock was elected as the Georgia State Secretary.  Her campaign skit, headed by Chesney Zillweger and Zoe Taylor, won 2nd place.  Nataile Amstutz won 3rd place in the performing arts category.  Trendan Lin won 4th place in the math competition, and Dylan Zlatev (not pictured) won 2nd place in math. Congratulations, Betas!

Spelling Bee Winners

Spelling Bee.jpg

Congratulations to our spelling bee winner Josh Jenkins (8th) and our runner-up Rex David (6th).  The championship word was kelpies.  Josh will represent Hopewell Middle School at the Fulton County Spelling Bee on February 2, 2019. 

HMS Band Students Give "Superior" Perormances at Solo & Ensemble Evaluation!
On Saturday, November 10th, we had a record number of participants in the Solo and Ensemble Evaluation at Webb Bridge Middle School.  EVERY HMS Band performance received a SUPERIOR (I) rating!!  The standard music rating scale is as follows (from highest to lowest):

I - Superior

II - Excellent

III - Good

IV - Fair

V - Poor

Participants were:

7th Graders

Ayan Agarwal and Liam Winn - Bass clarinet/bassoon duet

Jack Frank - Flute solo

Sara Mrani - Oboe solo

Julia Niece, Rolando Perez, Colby Pete - Alto saxophone trio

Ashley Tinker, Terra Uribe, and Jamie Walsh - Flute and marimba trio

Alex Traylor - Clarinet solo

Terra Uribe - Flute solo

Christian Viviers - Oboe solo

8th Graders

Kendall Baines, Kyra Blews, and Alex Roberts - Oboe, clarinet, and marimba trio

Emily Bridges - Clarinet solo

Emily Bridges - Bass clarinet solo

Emily Bridges, Bryn Bryant, and Clayton Waller - Bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone trio

Ryan Gaertner and Gracyn Kim - Marimba duet

Logan Huddle and Ella Jackson - Trombone and euphonium duet

Kayley Hung - Flute solo

Gracyn Kim - Marimba solo

Cassidy Quam - Flute solo

Cassidy Quam, Kayley Hung, and Krina Shah - Flute trio

Krina Shah - Flute solo

Liam Taylor and Keaton West - Trombone and marimba duet

Adarsh Upadhyay - Horn solo

Nick Wandrick - Clarinet solo

Keaton West - Snare drum solo

HMS Orchestra Receives "Superior" Ratings

On Saturday, November 10th, several HMS Orchestra students participated in the GMEA District 5 Solo and Ensemble Evaluation at Webb Bridge School.  EVERY HMS Orchestra performance received a SUPERIOR (I) rating!   

Participants were:

6th Graders

Haley Worsencroft – violin solo

Romel Paragas – cello solo


7th Graders

Ava Hosfield and Bobby Kidd – violin & bass duet

Brandon Norfleet – viola solo

Pariseh Ali – viola solo

Sathvik Mutoopuri and Brandon Norfleet - viola duet

Elina Rahjoo, Courtney Eccleston, and Pariseh Ali – violin trio

Vishal Praveen – violin solo

Prisha Kaviti – violin solo


8th Graders

Trendan Lin – violin solo

Soham Pati – violin solo

Thomas Hoebeke – cello solo

Sumana Naganahanathalli- violin solo

Kristie Perez – violin solo

Ellie Jones – bass solo


BRAVO orchestra students!



Carpool Procedures

Please review the CARPOOL PROCEDURES that explains our carpool process.

How to Volunteer at Hopewell Middle School

To keep in compliance with State Law and best practices, we require that all persons interested in volunteering in the Fulton County School District to register by completing the online volunteer registration/application process.  Fulton County School's requirement:  You will not be able to volunteer until you complete the online training and application.  It could take as long as 24-48 hours for your application to be processed before you will be eligible to volunteer.  Visit the Fulton County Schools Volunteers and Partners Webpage and register to volunteer. 

Bilingual Community Liaison/ Enlace Bilingüe con los Padres

Our Bilingual Community Liaison assists parents who speak Spanish in parent-teacher conferences, emails, and phone calls through interpretation or translation. The most important goal is to support parents from other cultures or languages to understand our school system and help them to be involved in their child’s education. If you need assistance in this regard, please send an email to our Parent Liaison, Maria Vera de Fuguet, at veradefuguet@fultonschools.org


Nuestro Enlace Bilingüe asiste a los padres que hablan Español en las conferencia de padres-maestros, correos electrónicos y llamadas telefónicas a través de interpretaciones o traducciones. El objetivo más importante es apoyar a los padres que provienen de otras culturas o idiomas para que entiendan nuestro sistema educativo y ayudarlos a involucrarse en la educación de su hijo(a). Si necesita ayuda en este sentido, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a nuestro Enlace con los Padres, Maria Vera de Fuguet, at veradefuguet@fultonschools.org

Planning to travel?  Check this first

If you are planning to travel during the school year, please review your child's attendance record first.   Please note that in order to have any planned absence considered approved, a letter from the parent must be submitted to the assistant principal PRIOR (3 to 5 days) to the planned absence. Approved absences are limited to six (6) per year.  The absence may or may not be approved.  As well, if your child has missed 10 or more total days of school this year, you may be asked to provide medical notes for additional absences to be considered excused (in accordance with Fulton County's attendance policy).  Please reconsider scheduling your family travel/vacation time to coincide with school breaks and avoid missed class time whenever possible.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping your student in class for instruction.


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