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​​​​​"Whether or not you reach your goals in life depends entirely on how well you prepare for them and how badly you want them.  You're eagles!  Stretch your wings and fly to the sky."

                                                                                                -Ronald E. McNair



Attention Astro Family!!!


CRCT Testing will be held April 21st - April 25th 


Do you know everything you need to know about the CRCT?  Find out more by clicking on the below Georgia Department of Education link to important CRCT information.​



Special Note:

In the event of an emergency, we are asking you to please take the time to add our school's phone number to your contact list in your phone.  We want you to be informed of any information about your student(s) here at McNair Middle School.  In addition, please inform us of any changes to your contact information as soon as possible.  Our main number is: 770-991-4160.  The last four digits may also appear as follows: 4162 and 4163.  Thank you.


Curriculum Night/Parent-Teacher Night:

Please begin contacting home room class regarding the following meeting nights:

November 19th    Curriculum Night/Parent-Teacher Conference Night     5:30pm-6:30pm

February 25th      Parent-Teacher Conference Night                                 5:30pm-6:30pm

March 25th           Parent-Teacher Conference Night                                 5:30pm-6:30pm

April 29th             Parent-Teacher Conference Night                                 5:30pm-6:30pm


ITBS Testing: 

Be advised that the ITBS will be administered during October 21st thru 25th for all 8th grade students only. Students are encouraged to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and be on time each dar for the test.


Early Release:

No checkout of students may be allowed after 2:30pm. No exceptions. You must wait until 3:05pm (our regular release time). If you intend to check-out students early from school, be advised that proper identification must be presented to the front office staff before any student can be released into your custody.


Written Excuse for an Absence:

Any student who has been absent from school shall present a satisfactory written excuse within three (3) days of returning to school. The excuse must state the reason for the absence and be signed by the student's parent or guardian. Excuses wil be kept on file at the school at least until the beginning of the next school year. Students who have missed ten (10) days of school or more in a school year may be required to provide additional veerification including doctors' statements.


Breakfast in the Classroom:

Beginning Monday October 21st, Breakfast in the Classroom will start. All students must go through the line, record your lunch number and take your breakfast to the classroom.  All breakfast items should be consumed by the end of homeroom (1st period). More information forthcoming...

Home Access Center:

Formerly known as ParentConnect, the new platform is called the Home Access Center. It provides real-time data and access to:  Student schedules, attendance, assignments, unofficial transcripts, report cards and discipline.

Parents can pick up their Home Access Center log-in and and password by showing a photo ID at any school where they have a child enrolled (at McNair you can get your log-in and password from the Parent Resource Center in room 125.5).




Registration Checklist:

You MUST have the following information in order to enroll a student:

1. Picture I.D. (must be parent/legal guardian of child)

2. 2 documents showing proof of residency (2 utility bills, lease agreement with parent/gaurdian's name)

3. Affidavit of Residence (must be notarized)

4. Georgia Certificate of Immunization. (must be on the new (tall) Georgia DHR form-3231

5. Georgia Certificate of Eye, Ear, & Dental (must be on the Georgia form 3300)

6. Birth Certificate (Copy will be acceptable)

7. Social Security Card (Copy will be acceptable)

8. Last Report card showing grade placement or Official Transcript (2nd Semester only)

9. Copy of the most recent standardized test scores

10. Exceptional Education Record or Current IEP

11. Discipline Report

Note: In order for your child to be properly enrolled, all of the items must be presented at the time of registration. You, the parent, are responsible for obtaining all of the necessary documentation from the previous school.


 Splost IV


Fulton County School System SPLOST Referendum

An extension of the current sales tax • Not a property tax increase • Everyone contributes, including visitors

Fulton County School System has called for a referendum for citizens to consider the continuation of a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). SPLOST has funded capital needs in the Fulton County School System since 1997. Previous SPLOST programs have funded 37 new schools, 28 school additions and multiple projects such as roof replacement, HVAC renovations, floor covering replacements, surveillance camera installations and playfield enhancements.

A significant portion of SPLOST IV will be dedicated to school level and system wide enhancement of technology. SPLOST IV goes beyond bricks and mortar by funding new computers for students and teachers, distance learning in all high schools and high speed networks and Internet access. Other technology items will be incorporated to enhance student learning and provide teachers with the resources for the 21st century classroom.

Past programs have focused primarily on new schools construction due to overcrowding and to reduce the use of portables as classroom space. SPLOST IV is a little different as it will focus on renewal of existing classrooms – that includes renovations, renewal, and replacement, which comprises approximately 71% of the proposed construction budget. This program is about continued investment in our current buildings to maintain optimal conditions for learning.

In addition, SPLOST reduces debt from previous bonds, purchases furniture and equipment and replaces school buses.


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