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Academic Bowl

Jennifer Balagani- Balagani@fultonschools.org
Mitchell King kingm123@fultonschools.org

8:00 AMThursdaysRoom 823No dues. Members pay for registration at all events.
​Broadcast Club​Elizabeth Silva - silvae@fultonschools.org ​8:15 AM​M-F​Broadcast Room​Apply HERE
Student CouncilFernando Gonzalez - gonzalezf@fultonschools.orgTBATBATBATBA
Fellowship of Christian AthletesMarie Lewis    lewism1@fultonschools.org                   Lisa Nickel -     nickell@fultonschools.org8:10 AMWeekly on FridaysRoom 210
Equestrian ClubJoseph Brock - brockj1@fultonschools.org8:00 - 8:304th Wednesday of each month706There is an option to ride on the IEA team
Science OlympiadNikki Rockstroh rockstrohn@fultonschools.org4:10-5:00TBDTBD
NMS Tennis TeamJanette Hinton hintonj@fultonschools.orgTBDTBDTBD
#kindnessiseverythingJanette Hinton hintonj@fultonschools.org8:25 AMWednesdaysCounseling office conference room
Drama ClubCharlie Moore mooreb@fultonschools.org4:15 - 5:30TuesdayRoom 210
Jr. BetaTammy Daniel danielta@fultonschools.org   
Karl Myrthil  myrthil@fultonschools.org
After School3rd Tuesday of the monthRoom 918
RunningAshley Poston postona@fultonschools.org4:15-5:15Wednesdays400 Hall Lockers
Tennis ClubAmanda Butler dennarda@fultonschools.org4:15-5:15Mondays 9/11 to 11/13Tennis Courts
Science Fair ClubJulie Godfrey          GodfreyJ@fultonschools.orgTBDTBDTBD
Book ClubMary Deininger   deininger@fultonschools.orgTBDTBDTBD
ChessSherry Wylie         wylie@fultonschools.orgTBATBARoom 916
DebateAnn Roberts - robertsa1@fultonschools.orgTBDTBDRoom 626tournament fees:  TBD
French ClubKarl Myrthil myrthil@fultonschools.orgAfter School3rd Thursdays of the monthRoom 918
Japanese ClubMs. Namura namurat@fultonschools.orgAfter SchoolLast Thursday of the month1612First Meeting August 25
UkuleleDr. Bartlett bartlettj@fultonschools.org8:00 a.m.Wednesdays704
Game ClubMr. Winter   winterc@fultonschools.org4:30-6:00First and third Monday606
Wildcat TechsMs. Romero romerot@fultonschools.org8:05-8:35Wednesdays614
Model U.N.Mr. Gregory gregory@fultonschools.org8:00-8:45TBA805


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