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Liquid soap- 1 or 1 ½ "  binder per subject- Notebook paper (no spiral)

Clorox wipes- Dividers for notebooks- Pencils #2

Hand sanitizer -Erasers/pencil top

Box of tissues- Pencils Pens/black or blue only

Paper towels- Pens - blue, black, one red- Highlighters

Graph Paper-Small pencil sharpener- Ruler

3"binder and dividers with pockets- Glue Stick

MATH: 3-ring binder w/ dividers (5)

Wide rule notebook paper- 3 x 5 index cards w/lines

LANG. ARTS: 3-ring binder w/ dividers (5)

Post-it notes - Composition Book (journal)

1 package Expo markers 1 package Expo markers

SOCIAL STUDIES: 3-subject spiral notebook

Personal Pencil sharpener- Graph Paper - quad ruled/4 square per inch

#2 pencils (refill lead if needed) Loose leaf paper -Colored pencils

Blue or black ink pens- Compass & protractor

Box of colored pencils

SCIENCE: composition book-Highlighter -White Out -ring binder w/ dividers (5)

Box colored pencils (8/10 pencil size) Optional: Jump Drive

SCIENCE FAIR: Tri-fold Display Board-Composition Notebook

This is a general list. Individual teachers may have specific requests.

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