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​​​​​​​​​​​​Ridgeview Charter School - Home of the Panthers
Fulton County Schools Contact/RCS Athletic Director
Coach Ashley Dixon​**********************************************



 Practice schedules and game/match/meet schedules will be handed out and/or discussed at the MANDATORY parent/guardian meetings.
Current/valid physicals must be turned in by the day before tryouts (24 hours).  Physicals should only be turned in to Coach Dixon or Coach Lloyd.​
All forms must be turned in together.  If ANY pages are missing, the incomplete packet will be returned to the student/athlete.  Students WILL NOT be allowed to attend tryouts without ALL pages from the packet (posted to the right 'Required Athletic Paperwork') filled out properly and completely.


*If any of the above tryouts are rained out, this is the make-up date.

You must check in with Coach Dixon or Coach Lloyd before you stay
for the FIRST time.

Please always be prepared for inclement weather.  Outdoor activities can be canceled on short notice.

 For more information, please contact Ashley Dixon (Athletic Director) at dixonaa@fultonschools.org


​All activities are weather permitting and
can be cancelled at any time. 

If activities are cancelled after dismissal,
there will be a study hall

where students can work on academics until 5:15



Practice schedules will be issued on a monthly basis so you can plan accordingly.

Players must be picked up from practices and games on time.  Players should be picked up in front of the main office, not the carpool area.  This is for practices and games/matches.  Failure to be picked up fifteen minutes and later will result in reduced playing time.  Repeat offenders may forfeit the opportunity to play in entire games.  Games/matches last approximately 1 hour. 

We do not have buses for Foundation sports.  We rely on parents/guardians to carpool our players to the games/matches.  We don't offer a carpool back to the school.  Players must be picked up from away games/matches and home events on time.  If a player does not have a ride home, they should not attend the game.  Transportation home should be arranged prior to attending games/matches.  Again, all competitions last approximately l hour.  All parents/guardians who volunteer to transport players must fill out a driver's clearance form with a copy of their license and insurance attached and complete the child abuse training course online, fill out the background check form, and print the certificate of completion.

Academics and behavior come first.  All players must maintain passing grades to remain on the team.  If a player needs extra help, they should attend tutoring instead of practice.  ISS/OSS will result in immediate dismissal from the team.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Timeouts will result in missed playing time.  Repeat offenders can be dismissed from the team.  Detentions that are issued will not be changed so that players can attend practices and/or games.  It is the player's responsibility to let their coach know if they receive a timeout or a detention.  Coaches should not find out from the teacher or administrator who issued the detention!
Players who are in PE must dress out every day.  If they aren't dressed out, they will do extra conditioning at practice.  Repeat offenders will miss playing time.  If players don't dress out the day of a game, they don't play.  PE uniforms are available to rent for the day ($1 for the shirt and $1 for the shorts).  These items must be returned prior to leaving school that day.  The PE department is responsible for washing these uniforms.  Proper athletic shoes are also required.
If a player is going to miss practice for any reason, the player needs to let the coach know.  Parents/guardians can send an email or call as well, but it is the player's responsibility to let the coach know.  This applies when the student is in school on the day in question.  Obviously, an email or phone call will be acceptable when the player is not in school.  Student/athletes must attend school at least half the day to attend practices and/or games/matches.  Players will miss playing time for missed practices, having to leave early, doing "half and half", detention, tutoring, extended learning, etc.  This is not a punishment.  There are some players that attend every practice.   It is not fair to give another player more playing time for less practice time.

Uniforms will be provided.  It is the player's responsibility to bring their "gear" to school.  It is also their responsibility to wash these garments.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE UNIFORMS IN THE DRYER!  The numbers and lettering will peel off if the heat is too high.  If uniforms are damaged, it is the player/parent/guardian's responsibility to pay for a replacement.

The coaching staff prefers that students do not go home and return for games/matches.  If it is a late game/match, they may go home but they must inform their coach so he/she is not looking for them after school.  If they leave, they must return at least 30 minutes before the scheduled game/match time.

The coach has the right to "bench" any player at any time at their discretion.  All players that "dress out" in full uniform will play.  If a player is not playing in the game/match, they will sit on the bench with their team but they will not be in uniform.  Parent/guardians/spectators are not permitted to talk to their child during the game/match, at timeouts, or during half time.  Parents/guardians/spectators are not permitted in the bench or dugout or any other designated team area unless there is an emergency.  Please respect our coaches, you reserve the right to coach them at home but we prefer to be the only coaches during our games/matches. All practices are closed to parents/guardians/spectators.





BaseballAlan Rhodes and Ashley Dixon
​​Basketball (A girls)​Kim Lloyd
Basketball (A, B, C, and D boys)​Ashley Dixon
Basketball (B/C girls)​Daniel Suarez
Cross country (boys and girls)Ashley Dixon​,  
Wes Philippi
Gymnastics / TumblingChandra Cruver
(Boys A and Co-Ed)

Daniel Suarez
​Soccer (Boys B and Co-Ed) ​Brooke Shively
​Soccer (Girls A)​Brooke Shively
Softball​Kim Lloyd
Alan Rhodes
Tennis (boys and girls)​Ashley Dixon
Volleyball (A team)Cailin Freemyer (High Point Elementary)
Volleyball (B/C team)Elaine Binnion
Volleyball (boys)Wes Philippi



Congratulations to the Girls 2019 B-team Basketball players!

They won the championship defeating St. Martin's 34-21! They had an excellent season finishing with an overall record of 12-2!





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