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 Diversified Technology  Diversified Technology


The Diversified Technology Education Program at Ridgeview Charter School is open to all students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Its purpose is to produce technological literacy through the use of a modular laboratory.  The technology education program intends to show the student how to relate and apply what they have learned in other academic disciplines.

The modular concept is a self-paced approach that allows the student to take an active part in his/her education.  The modules utilize computers, videotapes, textbooks and other resource books while placing an emphasis on hands-on activities, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Each module is representative of one of the four major areas of technology education: communications, manufacturing, construction and transportation.

The Diversified Technology Department at Ridgeview offers the following modules:  Computer Numerical Controlled, Research and Design, Engineering, Flight, Computer Animation, Computer Aided Drawing, Space, Digital Photography, Building Construction and Radio Communications.

Course Description:
Through the Diversified Technology Education Program, students learn about technology and its impact on our society.  The program promotes technological literacy and good work ethics through the use of self-paced modular workstations, problem solving activities, and projects.

Proposed Units of Study:
Engineering Computer Animation
Flight Research and Design
Landscaping Computer Numerical Control
Space Robotics 
Radio Communications  Computer Aided Drawing
Digital Photography Building Construction


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