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The Ridgeview Charter School guidance and counseling program is an integral part of the middle school experience. The purpose of this website is to inform parents of the services available to assist students with their personal, social and academic needs.


 Guidance And Counseling Services
Guidance & Counseling Services
Career Day
The annual Career Day will be presented to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Career Day provides students the opportunity to explore future careers by inviting various speakers from the community to discuss their occupation. 
The counselors are active participants on the Instructional Leadership Team, the Student Support Team, the School-Based Planning Committee, grade-level planning meetings, and parent/teacher conferences.
Crisis Intervention
The counseling staff is ready to implement the crisis intervention plan when needed. Services include counseling and outside referrals.
Large Group Guidance
Large group guidance sessions are provided according to student needs. Examples of group topics include conflict resolution, anger management, and dealing with grief.
Independent Conferences
Counselors conference with individual students when referred by teachers, administrators, parents or student self-referrals.
Peer Diversity
Counselors work with administrators, teachers, and students to teach tolerance and respect for individual differences.
Professional Resource Center
The counselors have resource information regarding the school social worker, psychological resource personnel, private tutoring, summer school and workshops.
School Transition
Elementary to middle school and middle to high school transition activities are conducted which give parents and students the opportunity to become acquainted with the new school environments. Students gain knowledge through school visitations and presentations.
Standardized Testing
Counselors assist the Assistant Principal with the standardized testing program. These tests includes: the Eighth Grade Writing Assessment; the eighth grade Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS); and the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Georgia Milestones (GMAS).







6th Grade


Michelle Yancey Ext. 48575

7th Grade


Carla Wyatt Ext.  48581 

8th Grade


Kip Wright Ext. 48576

Guidance Secretary

Marcela Moran Ext. 48578







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