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Through our language arts program, the student will:

  • Enjoy, appreciate and evaluate language in all its forms;
  • Listen, read, view and think critically;
  • Write and speak effectively in a wide variety of formal and informal styles;
  • Pre-write, draft, revise, edit, publish, and reflect as a means to more effective writing,
  • Choose and apply appropriate reading strategies in order to analyze and evaluate written texts.


Sixth Grade Language Arts

Sixth grade language arts focuses on the integration of vocabulary, literature, reading strategies, composition, oral language skills, research and grammar.  Reading instruction teaches students to use cognitive strategies before, during and after reading to help them monitor their understanding and evaluate the author's presentation of ideas.  A thematic approach allows students and teachers to work collaboratively to explore fiction and nonfiction literature, composition and research.  Global concepts such as self-discovery, justice for all and moments of truth covered in sixth grade themes have universal appeal.  Students participate in the writing process, incorporating grammar study as a part of the revision of their compositions.  Oral language and technology instruction is also part of the instruction that helps students become effective communicators.  Sixth graders learn to view and question the media and technology, forces that exert a strong influence on teenagers today.  Finally, students will learn to conduct research and present their findings through a variety of oral, written, visual and technological media.


Seventh Grade Language Arts

Seventh grade language arts continues to emphasize the integration of vocabulary, literature, reading strategies, composition, oral language skills, research and grammar.  Literature, media and technology experiences become increasingly analytical as students study the elements of the short story, novel, drama, poetry, essay, autobiography, and other fiction and nonfiction genres.  The emphasis on becoming strategic readers, critical viewers and effective communicators continues.  Students learn  to evaluate their own learning.

The thematic approach invites students to discover the triumph and tragedy of human experience.  Themes include universal concepts such as loyalty and camaraderie.


Eighth Grade Language Arts

Eighth grade language arts focuses on preparation for high school language arts.  While refining writing process skills and grammar knowledge, students produce various kinds of papers and multimedia presentations.  Literature study includes novels, plays, short stories, poetry and a variety of nonfiction.  The emphasis on strategic processing, critical thinking and analytical reasoning continues and prepares students for rigorous tests such as the PSAT. 

The following themes are explored through diverse literature and writing assignments:  "We All Need Somebody to Lean On," "The American Hero," "From Generation to Generation" and "Tales of the Strange and Mysterious."



Marny Borchardt - 8th
Jai Cruz - 8th
Amanda Stafford - 6th
Nancy Fish - 7th
​Madeline Hagaman - 7th
Lillis Hendrickson-6th
​Mary Anne Lane - 8th
Mary Lawrence - 8th
Marshette Northern - 6th
Rasheik Trammell- 7th​


Mrs. Baer Teacher of the Year 

Ms. Baer receiving recognition from the Sandy Springs Rotary Club for Teacher of the Year!


6th, 7th, 8th Grade Reading

All sixth graders and students who are not taking foreign language during seventh and eighth grade are scheduled for a reading course. These courses focus on developing an effective reading process by:

  • Using reading skills with varied content (fiction and nonfiction);
  • Applying reading strategies consistently before, during, and after reading for active comprehension, and
  • Selecting the most appropriate reading strategy to use while reading difficult or confusing text.

Students read a variety of texts including fiction (novels, short stories and drama), nonfiction literature (book reviews, autobiography and biography), content-area texts (social studies, science and mathematics) and real-life texts (newspaper articles, speeches, how-to pieces and persuasive essays). Students write to entertain, inform and persuade. Research instruction enables students to access information, evaluate the information for relevancy and accuracy, and then present the information for real-world purposes.

 Reading Class

Scholastic READ 180 is multimedia program that blends teacher instruction with innovative technology to help students become better readers.  We have classes at each grade level that utilize this program.  Parents can access the READ 180 Parent Portal to assist their students at home.


Maliha Ahmad - 8th
​​Katie Buck - 7th
Khara Ellington - 6th
​Yvonne Francis - 6th, 7th & 8th
Kelly Morton - 7th & 8th


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