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 Textbook Policy


All students are issued at the beginning of the school year, or upon their registration into Ridgeview, all the textbooks they require.

Books are individually numbered and the student is responsible for the book with their specific accession number in it. Should a student lose or damage their textbook, it is the responsibility of the student to alert the teacher who issued the text.  The teacher will make arrangements for a new text to be issued or find out about the cost of damages. Damage of a textbook will cause a damage fee to be charged. Charges for damage begin at $5.00 and can be increased depending on the nature of the damage. All textbooks assigned to the student must be returned in acceptable condition before the end of the school year or upon withdrawal from the school. Unreturned or damaged textbooks must be paid before transcripts and/or report cards can be released.

Students may have a home set of textbooks under the following circumstances:
1.    An educational requirement.
2.    A physical requirement.
3.    Students whose parents want to rent the books if additional books are available in the school’s inventory.

Individuals who would like to rent books may contact the textbook coordinator for details or may refer to the school website for more information.

Instructional Materials Fees
The following sanctions may be taken against a student who fails or refuses to pay for lost or damaged school property including textbooks, library books, iPads, etc.:

1.    Refusal to issue any additional textbooks, library books, iPad, or media materials until restitution is made; and/or
2.    Withholding of all grade cards, transcripts, diplomas or certificates of progress until restitution is made.

Acceptable restitution for a lost book is the cost of a new copy.  For damaged books, the school determines an assessment and appropriate charge.  Immediate written notice will be sent to parents/guardians when a student needs to make restitution for lost or damaged books or materials.



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