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 Transition to High School Tips


Advice from High School Counselors to Ensure High School Success:

  • Be ready academically for high school
  • Master 8th grade objectives
  • Stay on top of assignments
  • Make sure you take a challenging curriculum in high school
  • Take Notes, and rewrite them.  There's lots of note taking in the 9th grade
  • Develop good solid reading skills
  • Proofread "ALL" homework and class work
  • Read for understanding
  • Develop good writing and listening skills, and use of self expression
  • Be conscientious about keeping up with the agenda, recording assignments and deadlines
  • Be aware of spelling and grammar beyond Language Arts
  • Good study habits are important.  Set a schedule time for study
  • Be active in school organizations; get to know your teachers and high school counselor.  Call on them for information and assistance
  • Promote independence; raise hand, seek help, get extra help when there is lack of understanding

High Schools want Middle School Students to Understand:

  • The importance of studying
  • The importance of good study skills and good work habits
  • The importance of the transcript, "it is permanent"
  • The importance of being prepared each morning for class
  • How important it is to take notes
  • The importance of writing assigned work in an agenda
  • To ask questions for clarification
  • The importance of turning in assignments and homework in a timely manner
  • The importance of getting to class on time
  • The importance of making up missed assignments in a timely manner
  • The importance of good attendance

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