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 If you have a child who has asthma, severe allergies or other health conditions that require self-administration of medication while at school, you must have the SHS-2 (Authorization for student to carry a prescription inhaler, Epipen, or other approved medication) form. This two page form, with student, parent, and physician signatures must be completed and turned in to the clinic, for the child to carry the mentioned medications. We do recommend a backup emergency medicine be kept in the clinic to supplement the one carried.

 If you would like your child's prescription medication to be stored in the school clinic, please have the SHS-1 form (Authorization to give meds at school) signed by a parent and physician turned in to the clinic along with the meds in their original container with the pharmacy label on it.

  Similarly, if you would like the clinic to hold your child's non-prescription meds (e.g. Advil, Children's PeptoBismol, cough drops, etc.) please fill out the SHS-1 (Authorization to store meds at school) form with the parent signature and the "non-prescription" part of the form filled out. Again the meds should be in their original container/blister pack and should not be expired. 

  Please make sure all medication-prescriptions and non-prescriptions are picked up on the last day of school in May.

   Students at RTMS are allowed to carry certain medication on their person if the parent thinks that the student is responsible enough to do so. Medications that are allowed are: Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, cough or throat lozenges, Midol, and Oral Antihistamines. A SHS-2 form (Authorization to carry medication) with student and parent signatures must be completed and kept on file in the clinic. When the student brings this form to the clinic, a stamp - "OTC Medication Approved" will be stamped on his/her agenda.

Health and Medical Form https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/7525

Allergies and Medical Conditions

  The clinic is responsible for updating all student health records -  so please keep us informed of any changes in medical status, medication dosage, or new allergies that your child may have.

Emergency Contact

  Please notify the front office staff of any new phone numbers, or emergency contacts. In the event of an emergency this will ensure that we can contact you in a timely and efficient manner.

Additional Information

 Trish Vacarella RN., is the Northview Cluster nurse who works with our clinic here at River Trail. Should you need any further assistance/clarifications, feel free to email her at Vacarella@fultonschools.org.

 Fulton County Student Health Services Coordinator: Lynne P. Meadows RN.

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Clinic Hours: 8:20 AM - 4:10 PM
Clinic Asst: Mrs. Anne Cherian
Ph:   470-254-8615
Fax:  470-254-3866
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Flu Season

The flu season is officially here!

 For information on what you can do to prevent the spread of the flu and other infectious illnesses. 



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