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Webb Bridge Intramural/Extramural Program

Athletics 2017-2018

Webb Bridge Intramural/Extramural Program

Intramurals will be offered in the mornings from 7:45 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The schedule will be posted outside the gym by the PE white board as dates and activities can vary based on coach availability, gym availability, student interest and student behavior.

Intramurals will start Wednesday August 30, 2017.

Students who come for intramurals must have a current Intramural Registration Form and a physical on file with Coach Sell and must dress out.


Intramural Activities
Check the PE board for specific Weekly Activities. These can change due to weather and participation.  Intramural Activities include:

  • Indoor Basketball
  • Team Handballl
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Pinguard, etc

Extramural Sports – 7th and 8th grade only

Extramural Tryouts
All students trying out for extramural teams must have a PARTICIPATION FORM, PHYSICAL FORM, TRANSPORTATION FORM, and CONCUSSION FORM on file with Coach Sell. Keep in mind, physicals are good for one calendar year.  Again, ALL forms must be on file before a student can try out.

Soccer:  Tryouts are Monday Aug. 21st and Tuesday Aug. 22nd  It is a coed team for 7th and 8th graders

Tennis:  Tryouts are October 2nd and 3rd.  7th, and 8th graders; Fulton County Tennis Tournament: Saturday Oct. 21st  at South Fulton Tennis Center.

Volleyball:  Tryouts are Sept. 18th and 19th for girls and Sept. 21st for boys. 7th and 8th graders; Girls Team and Boys Team; games are on Wednesdays and Fridays. 



Girls Basketball Combined 7th and 8th graders.  Tryouts will occur in November.  The actual season will start in mid-January.

Boys Basketball Combined 7th and 8th graders. Tryouts will occur in November.  The actual season will start in mid-January.


Track: February to March 10th  . 7th, and 8th graders only.
Fulton County Track Meet: Sat. March 10th ; Milton HS
ALL STUDENTS WHO STAY FOR  EXTRAMURALS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 5:15 P.M. A student will receive a warning for the first late pick up. A 2nd late pickup will result in becoming ineligible for the Extramural Program.

Intramural and Extramural FAQ

What is the difference between intramurals and extramurals? Intramurals are sports activities offered that in which students all grade levels may participate before or after school.

Extramurals are school teams that play other schools in scheduled competitions. The extramural team activities available are Tennis Tournament participants, Volleyball, Soccer, Track, and Girls and Boys Basketball.

Do the students need a physical to participate? Only the students participating in extramural activities need a physical.

Are all grade levels allowed to come out for intramurals and extramurals?
All students may participate in intramurals, but extramural teams are limited to 7th and 8th grade students.

Do the students have to come each day?
Students participating in intramurals come on any days they wish. These are activities for them and not practices for future teams.

*Students who are competing on the extramural teams will be expected to be at practices designated by the coach of each sport.
All COMPLETED & SIGNED DOCUMENTATION should be returned to Coach Sell. Failure to do so will prevent or delay students from participating.
Each coach will work with each team regarding academic requirements. All students must:
• Submit a completed forms and documents
• Maintain acceptable school conduct (i.e. no suspensions during the semester of participation)
• Pass 5 out of 7 classes in the semester preceding participation (The 5 subjects must carry credit toward grade promotion.)

Concussion Awareness Form 2017-18.pdf
8/21/2017 12:26 PMPardee, Katie
Extramural Application to Participate 2017-18.pdf
8/21/2017 12:27 PMPardee, Katie
Fulton County Transportation Release 2017-18.pdf
8/21/2017 12:29 PMPardee, Katie
Intramural  Registration - 2017-2018.pdf
8/21/2017 12:29 PMPardee, Katie
Pre- Participation Physical Form 2017-18.pdf
8/21/2017 12:29 PMPardee, Katie
Student Accident Insurance Plan 2017-2018.pdf
8/21/2017 12:29 PMPardee, Katie
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