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Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)


Abbotts Hill Elementary Schoolwide Enrichment Model Mission:

Our mission is to promote student achievement through academic and individual goals in a safe learning environment.  To do this we will…

  •       Offer enrichment activities during TEAM time.
  •       Offer enrichment clusters to all students utilizing type I and type II enrichment activities.        
  •       Offer type III enrichment opportunities to students selected for the talent pool. 

2015-2016 Enrichment Program Goals:

1.       Continue offering enrichment during TEAM time.

  •        All students will have their academic needs met through enrichment or intervention during TEAM time. 

2.       Implement school wide enrichment clusters.

  •        Enrichment Clusters will be offered to ALL students utilizing type I and type II enrichment activities.
  •        Students will select enrichment clusters based on personal interest.
  •        Teachers, paraprofessionals, other school staff and volunteers may facilitate a cluster. 

3.       Implement a talent pool program. 

  •       A talent pool of the student will be selected.  
  •       Talent pool students will have the opportunity to participate in type II and type III enrichment activities. 

4.       Implement Lunch and Learn Sessions 

  •       Parents, business partners and community members may facilitate a Lunch and Learn Session. 
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