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Fulton County Medication Requirements

We ask that whenever possible, medication time schedules should be set so that all medications must be taken at home. However, if medications must be taken at school, the following procedures must be followed.

Prescription Medications: The parent and physician must complete a form entitled "Authorization - Prescription Medication". This provides written certification by a licensed physician that medication must be taken during school time detailing time, dosage, expected duration, side effects and suggested basic first aide procedures for handling possible side effects. Please keep these forms on hand or request one from the school as needed.

Non-Prescription Medication: This provides written authorization that medication must be taken during school time. It also provides written certification detailing the time it is to be taken the dosage to be given and the expected duration. Parents, send this form to school with the non-prescription medicine.

The medicine, in the original container, must be taken to the office for storage. If possible, a parent should take the medication and instructions to the office. Also, please put the child's name on the container. If your child needs to take liquid medicine, please send a spoon along with the medicine in a plastic bag or paper sack.

Classroom teachers and office personnel can not be responsible for reminding your child to take medication.

Please understand that should your student bring medication to school and we do not have the proper authorization we will not be able to administer the medication.

Clinic Forms

Health Services Parent Information

Authorization to Carry Approved Medication (en espanol)
*Needed for students to carry a prescription inhaler, Epipen, insulin, or other approved medications.

Authorization to Administer Medication at School (en espanol)
*Needed to administer prescribed medication at school.  Parent must supply medication to be stored at school.

Asthma Action Plan

Food Allergy Care Plan

Seizure Action Health Care Plan

Sickle Cell Health Care Plan 

For additional clinic information, please contact Conley Hills' Clinic Assistant.

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