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Biography of Esther Sweeny Jackson (1895-1972)


Esther Jackson was the daughter of Colorado pioneers.  Her mother, Ross Bell Crystal, was one of five girls whose father carried them west in a covered wagon.  Esther’s father, James Koller Sweeny, was a weatherman in the Signal Corps stationed on top of Pike’s Peak before he married Rose, February 29, 1880, in Colorado Springs.  Their daughter, Esther Ann Sweeny, was born in Longmont, Colorado, July10, 1895, in a house built by her father.  That house is now on the National Register of Historic Places and owned by the City of Longmont.

The Sweeny family later moved to Pueblo, CO, where Esther spent her school years.  Her mother taught Esther both piano and pipe organ until Esther was 14, at which age Francis Schwinger took her as a pupil.  At 16, she was engaged as organist for local churches.  She played classical organ solos between silent motion pictures at the Pueblo Grand Opera House.

After graduation for Centennial High School, Esther attended Northwestern University, in Evanston, IL.  Her ambition was to be a school teacher.

Esther became supervisor of Public School Music in Colorado Springs following in the footsteps of her two older sisters who had held that position before her.  She moved to Phoenix, MD, after her marriage to James Wilmot Jackson, textile executive, at the parents’ home in Pueblo, January 27, 1920.  In 1922, Esther and Wilmot Jackson came to Roswell, GA, where he became Vice-President and General Manager of the Roswell Manufacturing Company (cotton mill).  Wilmot and Esther were both civic-minded.  Wilmot spent his years improving the living conditions of the mill workers and of the community, church and school.  Shocked that the children at Roswell School had to drink spring water from a water bucket with a common dipper, he had pure water piped from the cotton mill and a water fountain installed, the school’s first.

Esther Jackson was the first president of the Roswell Parent-Teachers Association.  During the years, she served six different terms as president.  Mr. Jackson was president of the Roswell Public School Board when his untimely death occurred at age 38, April 7, 1930.  Esther Jackson devoted the rest of her life to her community, school and family.  She had one daughter, Rose, now Mrs. George J. Polatty Sr.

Mrs. Jackson taught 7th grade for Fulton County from 1934 until her retirement in 1961, serving as assistant principal from 1938.  Before the County provided the school with a music teacher, Mrs. Jackson took responsibility for all school music.  She carried high school choruses to district meetings, played marches for school assemblies, and even after retirement, accompanied elementary school children in concerts.  She volunteered for many other duties, such as before-school playground supervisor.  She was Chairman of the North Fulton Chapter, Junior Red Cross for years, and also served on the Advisory Board of the Metropolitan Atlanta Junior Red Cross and on the State Board.

During World War II, she was Co-chairman with Mr. Guy Webb in the Roswell War Bond Drive.  She also taught Red Cross Instructors’ courses in First Aid.

She was a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta, and devoted years of service as Sunday School teacher and organist to Roswell United Methodist Church.  After retirement in 1961, Mrs. Jackson taught private piano lessons.  She was an active member of many civic and professional organizations.  She died at Piedmont Hospital on October 11, 1972, at the age of 77, and is buried in Graniteville, SC, beside her husband and four generations of his family.

School always came first with Mrs. Jackson.  She was a caring teacher and could always find the good in each pupil.  When the elementary school at Martin’s Landing was built, the residents of Roswell were invited to suggest names for the school.  The Board of Education chose Esther S. Jackson Elementary School.  “In recommending that the school be named for Esther Jackson, many considerations were made: her service to many professional groups; her service to the church in teaching and music; her service to the community in starting health programs; and her service to her students in 27 years of profound influence.”  Esther S. Jackson Elementary School opened in August of 1976.

(Mrs. George Polatty Sr.)


Everyday Procedures


Arrival and Dismissal Information

Esther Jackson Elementary school has a six hour-and-forty minute instructional day.  School doors open at 7:10a.m.  Students arriving between 7:10a.m. and 7:40a.m. should report to their classrooms.  Those students eating breakfast at school will go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival at school. Breakfast is served from 7:10a.m. until 7:35a.m.  No breakfast will be served after this time. For safety reasons, students should not arrive before 7:10a.m.  Adequate school personnel are not available for student supervision until 7:10a.m. each day. 

It is the parents’ responsibility to keep the school informed about routine “after school” plans (I.e. Prime Time, etc.) or dismissal transportation changes.  For students safety, any change in these arrangements (even for one day) must be communicated IN WRITING to the classroom teacher.  No emailed dismissal changes will be accepted. Thank you for reserving “call-in” changes  for EXTREME EMERGENCIES ONLY. (“Call-in” changes cannot be accepted after 2:00p.m.)

Regular and punctual attendance is essential for maximum academic growth.  Students are required to be in class ready to begin work at 7:40 and will be marked “tardy” after this time. (When a Fulton County bus is late, students riding that bus are not counted tardy).

Late Arrival
Esther Jackson’s bell will ring promptly at 7:40 a.m.  Children that arrive after the bell rings; must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the front office to complete a tardy slip.  Excessive tardiness will prompt a letter from  the school or a parent conference with the teacher or administrator

The school day at Esther Jackson ends at 2:20 p.m

If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, please send a note to the student’s teacher.  Any student leaving before the regular dismissal time must be signed out through the office by a parent, legal guardian, or parent designee.  For the security of all children, please be prepared to show ID when checking out a student.  Students may not be checked out after 2:00 p.m. unless previously approved.

A student who is absent must bring a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian the day the student returns to school.  The Georgia Board of Education lawfully excuses students for the following reasons:  personal illness, death in the immediate family, and  recognized religious holidays.  A student must be in attendance more than one-half day before he/she can be counted present during that day.  To encourage regular attendance, elementary schools award  Attendance Certificates to students at the end of the year. 

Assignment Pick-up Policy
Should you need to pick up assignments for your child due to one or two day absences, please call the school office before 9:00 a.m. each morning.  Materials may be picked up at the end of the school day.  This gives the teacher adequate time during the school day to organize needed materials.  Please notify the school office if your child has a contagious disease or an extended illness.

Make-up Work Policy
Students absent one day will be given one day upon return to school to make up work.  Students absent two days will be given two days upon return to school to make up work, etc.  The number of school days absent determines the number of school days to complete make up work.

School Celebrations and Birthday Treats
Esther Jackson has two parties planned each school year, a winter party and an end of the year party.  These parties are organized and sponsored by the Room Parents of the PTA.  A fall Snack will be served on Book Character Day.  Special snacks to share with the class may be sent to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.  Snacks will be distributed during lunch to students in the child’s class.  Birthday and/or party invitations should be distributed from home and not at school.  Please do not ask the teacher or allow your child to distribute birthday invitations in the classroom. 

Telephone Use
Students may  use the office telephone only in emergencies.  To use the phone, the student must bring a written note from the teacher.  Students may not phone for items left at home such as homework, field trip permission forms, band or orchestra instruments, or lunch.  If lunch is forgotten, the student may charge a school lunch.

Toys and Other Distractors
Toys and other related items that distract from learning are not allowed at school.  If brought to school, items such as these may be taken from the student by school personnel and returned to parents upon their request.  Thank you for helping by monitoring the items  your child brings to school .

September and April are designated months for formal testing in Fulton County Schools.  Grades 3 and 5 will take the ITBS in September.  The Georgia Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) will be given to students in Grades 3-5 in April.  The Georgia Writing Assessment will be given to 3rd graders in March and to 5th graders in January.  The Georgia Kindergarten Assessment Program (GKAP) is given throughout the kindergarten year.

Textbooks issued are the property of Fulton County schools.  They should be used with care and returned in good condition.  Students are responsible for books which are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond use.  Board policy states that report cards and other records cannot be released until payment is made for lost or damaged books.

Pictures are usually taken twice during the school year.  The first one will be taken in the fall and the picture will be used in the yearbook.  The second will be taken in the spring.  There will be a retake day for both sessions.

Student Dress Code
Students should come to school dressed neatly, cleanly and in a manner that is not distracting to others.  Please adhere to the following:

Short shorts, see-through clothing, T-shirts or other apparel with inappropriate or suggestive language,  make-up, “flip-flop” sandals, middriff tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, and torn clothing are not appropriate for school.

Children's’ clothing must be the appropriate size and provide adequate coverage.
Shorts must be “finger-tip” length when the child is standing.


Pants (including jeans and slacks) must be worn appropriately.  Pants “sagged” low at the hips are not acceptable.


 Extremes in hair style and/or color are not acceptable.

All hats, including head scarves, must be removed upon entering the building or classroom, except for scheduled hat days.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

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