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​Visitor/Volunteer Procedures

We welcome visitors and volunteers to our school! Many procedures have been put into place by our school district to ensure the safety of all students when a visitor or volunteer is on campus. Sometimes these processes can seem cumbersome, but we appreciate your patience in helping us maintain our number one focus; the safety of our children!


A visitor is one who acts only in the capacity of a parent.(having lunch with your child, attending a class wide performance, etc..) Visitors will be asked to present their government issued ID upon entering the school. This ID will be run through our state software the first time you present it. We will only need to scan your ID one time, but may ask for it anytime you are on campus. After scanning your ID through the state's database, upon clearance, you will be asked to sign in on our computer system and receive and wear a nametag for the duration of your visit. Nametags must be clearly visible at all times.


A volunteer is one who performs a duty that a staff member could also perform. (reading to your child's class, making copies, working in the media center, etc…)

Fulton County Schools values and promotes active engagement of the community in all of our schools. Thousands of individuals serve as volunteers in our schools each year. Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Serving as tutors, mentors, or guest speakers
  • Providing assistance in classrooms, cafeteria, library, or main office
  • Organizing student enrichment and recognition activities
  • Supporting special events, athletics, and school planning council

How do I become a volunteer?

  1. Register at the Fulton County Schools Volunteer Page.​
  2. Complete the mandatory online training.
  3. Complete the volunteer application.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email from Fulton County Schools.

Visit the school and begin volunteering.

Upon entering the school to volunteer you will be asked to show your ID, sign in on our computer, and wear a name tag for the duration of your visit. Please make sure the name tag is clearly visible at all times.

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