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A Note from the Attendance Office

In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.10, a student's absence from school will be considered excused when it is due to any of the following circumstances. 

  • Personal illness of the student.
  • Attendance at school would be detrimental to the health of the student or others.
  • A serious illness or death in the student's immediate family necessitating absence from school.
  • Compliance with a court order or an order issued by a governmental agency, including an order for a pre-induction physical examination for service in the armed forces, mandating absence from school.
  • Observance of religious holidays, necessitating absence from school.
  • Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to the student's health or safety.
  • Up to six (6) school days per year to visit with a parent or guardian who is on leave from, or is being deployed to, military service.

Additionally, the District allows excused absences for the following:

Absences not exceeding a cumulative total of six (6) days per school year for the following reasons, but only if the absence has been pre-approved by the principal or designee:

  • travel opportunity with educational benefits,
  • graduation or wedding of an immediate family member,
  • specialized, supplemental or extracurricular experience,
  • other circumstances that are mutually agreeable to the parent and principal,

It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to present a satisfactory written excuse to the homeroom teacher within five (5) days of returning to school from an absence in order for the absence(s) to be recorded as excused. The excuse must state the reason for the absence and be signed by the student's parent or guardian. Students who have missed ten (10) days of school or more in a school year will be required to provide additional written verification such as doctors' statements.


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