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What time does school begin and end?

Student school hours are 7:40 - 2:35.  Students may arrive beginning at 7:10.  Students must be in their classrooms by 7:40 to avoid being tardy.

Is my child too sick to attend school?

Your child should not come to school if he/she is too sick to be comfortable at school or if he/she might be contagious to other students.  As a rule of thumb, a child should stay home if there is:

Fever of 100.4 or higher, vomiting more than once, diarrhea, very frequent cough, persistent pain (ear, stomach, etc), a widespread rash, or red, runny eyes.  Send in a written medical note when  your child returns to school.  You do not have to call the office to report absences.  If your child is absent for more than one day, a courtesy email or phone call to your child's teacher would be appreciated.

What if my child's transportation changes?

Send an email or a note with your child about the transportation change to their teacher.  Their teacher will then give it to the office to ensure that your child goes home correctly.

Can I check my child out of school before dismissal?

For safety reasons, students will only be dismissed from school at the front office before 2:00 pm.  Please do not go directly to classrooms to pick up children.

What happens when there is a weather-related emergency that could possibly close school?

In the event that school must be closed due to inclement weather, the most up-to-date information will be provided on local radio and television stations as well as various media internet sites.  The Fulton County Schools website will also post emergency school closings on the site.  Please do not call the school.

I want to register my child for High Point Elementary.  How do I do this?

Registration forms and instructions for registration can be downloaded form our website under Registration and Forms.  You can also download registration forms from the Fulton County website at www.fultonschools.org.

What is taught in Grades K-5?

Georgia Standards of Excellence are implemented in every K-5 classroom.  For specific subject areas, please see the Academics page of this website.

What is High Point's school mascot?

Buddy the Hound dog is High Point's mascot.  Our colors are blue and white.

How many parties are celebrated in the classroom each year?

High Point Elementary recognizes three classroom parties during the school year:  Winter Holiday, Valentine's Day, and End of School Year.  No other parties, including birthday or Halloween parties are to be held during instructional hours.

How are birthdays handled at school?

Birthdays are not celebrated at school.  Parents may send in or bring in store-bought cupcakes, cookie cakes, fruit snacks, etc, for birthday treats during the class lunch period.  These items are to be served in the cafeteria only.  Please be respectful of students who might have potential food allergies.  Treats should be pre-cut, if applicable, and ready to serve.  Please do not put candles on cakes or send in flowers, balloon bouquets, goodie-bags, or gifts.  Also, party invitations should not be sent to school to go home with students.  Personal invitations must be mailed outside of school to avoid any opportunity for hurt feelings.

How do I join the PTO at High Point?

Ask the front office secretary for information on becoming a PTO member.  Membership is $6.00.  Please see the PTO page of this website.

How can I stay informed about the happenings at High Point?

The weekly High Points newsletter will keep you informed about important events and current news.  Each child receives a blue HPES folder that will come home each week.  This folder contains information about upcoming events and keeps you informed about your child's education. There is also information via Principal's Corner which goes out once a month, the activities calendar, and our website.

Can I eat lunch with my child?

Yes, you may have lunch with your child.  When having meals with your child in the cafeteria any time after the first three weeks of school, please sign in at the front office and obtain a lunch visitor badge.  You may meet the class in the atrium in front of the cafeteria.  Outside food or drinks (Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, etc) is not permitted in the cafeteria.

My child needs to take medication at school.  What do I do to make sure he/she gets the medication?

Complete a medical form which is located in the front office.  All medication must be in the original container.  It will then be dispensed by the Clinic Assistant during the appropriate times.

How many classrooms do you have at High Point?

We have 5 Kindergarten classes, 6 First Grade classes, 5 Second Grade classes, 6 Third Grade classes, 4 Fourth Grade classes, and 4 Fifth Grade classes. 

Do you have uniforms at your school?

High point Elementary is implementing optional school uniforms for students.  Bottoms: blue/khaki.   Tops: red, white or blue collared shirts.  Uniforms are not mandatory.

Can I volunteer?

We appreciate our parents' support.  Please ask your child's teacher about coming in to volunteer.  Teachers are always excited to have weekly readers, helpers in the Media Center, and chaperones for field trips.  You may also contact Mariana Mendoza, our parent liaison, at 470-254-7716.

I have a question about my child's education.  Whom should I contact?

Please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Any additional questions can be answered by our Curriculum Support Teacher, Sheri Hess.

I would like to take a tour of High Point.  When can I do this?

We offer school tours to new parents and community members twice per month.  These tours are typically on a Monday at 9:30 am.  The tour dates and times are listed on the Calendar page of this website.  Please contact the school to set up your tour.

When is my child considered tardy or absent?

Students who are arrive inside the school after 7:40 am will be marked tardy.  Also, students must attend at least one half of a school day to be considered present.




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