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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English Speakers of Other Languages is a well-established program in other parts of the US, but is still fairly new to Georgia.  The purpose of the program is to ensure that students in our school, regardless of their background, can read, write, and speak English.  We are proud to have students from all over the world in our school.  Over 26 countries are represented in our student body.

Students who speak little or no English are pulled from Language Arts class to attend ESOL classes.  As these students become more fluent in English, they successfully pass English Competency Tests and then are gradually re-introduced into the regular classroom environment.  This allows all students to progress at their own pace.

Another advantage to this graduated approach is that all students still have time together in more relaxed settings to learn from one another about different cultures.  Seeing those who are different from ourselves helps us understand what makes us special and what makes others special as well.

Our country has always been a myriad of cultures.  Those who can work will with others and retain their own identity are much more likely to succeed in various areas of life.  We are pleased we can offer this rich cultural environment to our children.


Exceptional Children/Special Ed

Every student has a learning style that is all his/her own.  However, some students have a greater academic challenge and High Point has the expertise and staff to work with these particular students.  A full time staff of learning specialist works with students, teachers and parents to help provide the proper diagnosis and remediation of any learning issues that fall outside of the normal developmental ranges.  These specialists include:

  • Instructional Support Teacher - who advises classroom teachers when working with children with specific learning challenges and works directly with students when needed.
  • Curriculum Support Teacher - who advises classroom teachers of learning aids and materials to both enhance the curriculum and provide for remediation when needed.
  • Special Education Team - comprised of teachers who have earned certification in the area of Special Education.


Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)

The Talented and Gifted program in the Fulton County School System provides enriching experiences for the intellectually advanced and exceptionally creative student.  Gifted services are available in all Fulton County schools for elementary through high school students.  The program meets all requirements of the Georgia Dept of Education and provides a variety of high-quality opportunities for students.  Specially trained educators guide the gifted students in ways that maximize their unique learning characteristics, interests, personal needs, and capabilities. 

Participation in the TAG program is based on student qualification in:

  • Mental Ability
  • Achievement
  • Creativity
  • Motivation

Students in the TAG program are pulled from regular academic classes once per week to participate in activities that coordinate with subject matter in the regular classroom.  However, the subject matter is approached in very specific teaching styles specially suited to the TAG student.  Additionally, teacher expectations of the quality of work completed in TAG classes are quite high.  Students who qualify for TAG are challenged by other students who have similar learning styles and flourish with our teachers who are certified in this particular learning environment.

  • Elementary class size is limited to 17 students.
  • Program includes challenging interdisciplinary units which are grounded in science and social studies.
  • While the student participates in the TAG class, assignments in General education are modified or eliminated depending on the student's academic strength.



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