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​​​​​​​Pre Kindergarten-

Ms. Victoria Victorio
Ms. Sigrid Read (Grade Level Chair)
Ms. Alice Reid
Ms. Lynn Shebat


Ms. Jackie Giera 
Ms. Priscilla Carter
Ms. Mandy Brannon
Ms. Tachovia Kendrick
Ms. Lexi Fraser
Ms Liz Goldsmith (Grade Level Chair/SNP
3rd Grade - Content Specialization - 3-5 Language Arts (ELA)

Mr. Michael Fernandez
Ms. Leena Ringvall
Ms. Rachel Rubin
Ms. Natasha Nichols-Freeman 
Ms. Innae Thompson (Grade Level Chair/EIP Teacher)
​1st Grade - Content Specialization STEM/Humanities

Ms. Lindsay King (Grade Level Chair)
Ms. Madison Strauss 
Ms. Hannah Kaye
Ms. Daejah Glaze 

​4th Grade - Content Specialization - 3-5 Science & Social Studies

Ms. Michelle Mark (Grade Level Chair)
Ms. Elise Easley
Ms. Trista Virtue
Ms. Bayne/Feninnger (IRR)
​2nd Grade - Content Specialization - STEM/Humanities

Ms. Cortney Tucker
Ms. Ivy Jossett
Ms. Madison Strickland
Ms. Chanel Simmons
Ms. Lexi Fraser (Grade Level Chair/EIP Teacher)
5th Grade - Content Specialization - 3-5 Math

Ms. Leann Martin
Ms. Meagan Eastman (Grade Level Chair/EIP Teacher)
Ms. Lauren Liggett
Ms. Katherine Ludy
Ms. Tracy Duncan (IRR)

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