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SB-10 In-District Transfer Application Process

As a provision of the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program (GSNSP), parents of students with disabilities who receive special education services may choose to transfer their child to another public school in Fulton County. Parents can request a transfer to another public school as long as there is available space at that school and the school has a program with the services agreed to in the student's existing individualized education program.   Please click here for more information about the GSNSP in Fulton County schools and to access the online application form.  The application window is March 1-May 1, 2016.  Questions may be directed to the Services for Exceptional Children department at servicesforexceptionalchildren@fultonschools.org



​​Hillside Huskies Policies and Procedures 

Morning Bell: 7:40am

Front doors unlocked: 7:10 am

Dismissal Bell: 2:20 pm

Carpool completed: 2:40

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Bicycle Riders - Students may ride bicycles to school and secure them outside the cafeteria doors. 

Walkers - Always use sidewalks, obey safety rules, school dismissal procedures and promptly enter or leave the school grounds. No loitering is permitted and no student should return to school grounds after hours without adult supervision. 

Bus Transportation (cafeteria entrance) - Proper bus conduct is expected at all times. If bus safeyt rules are violated, students are subject to school disciplinary procedures, which may include suspension from the bus and/or school. Students must get on and off at their designated bus stops only.  For permanent or long-term changes, approval must be obtained from North Fulton Transportation.  Please call 770-667-2970 to seek this approval.

Morning Carpool (Front of school only) - Student are not allowed to enter the school building until 7:10 am when teachers are present.  Please form a single line in the loading/unloading area.  For the safety of the students, please do not allow them to enter or exit the car until the car has reached the sidewalk.  

Afterschool Carpool (Front of school only) - Car pool numbers can be picked up by parents at “Sneak Preview” or at the front desk. For afternoon pick up, please form a single line in the loading/unloading area and place the number in the lower right hand side of the windshield. This allows for students to be easily dismissed by car pool numbers. If you are carpooling with another family, both families will want to maintain the same number. Teachers and assistants supervise carpool lines 30 minutes before the morning bell and 20 minutes after the dismissal bell. 

NOTE: Carpool will be slower during the first two weeks of school as students, parents and staff learning the routine. 

Change in Transportation (Irregular Departure)- If your student is not to go home in the usual manner, your student must provide a “Change of Transportation” form to their homeroom teacher from the student’s parent or legal guardian before school begins on the date of the irregular departure. Late change requests must be faxed to the school office (770-552-6366) from the parent or legal guardian. “Call-in” changes in student dismissal plans are not permitted except for extreme emergencies. 

Early Dismissal If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, please send a note to the student’s teacher. Any student leaving before the regular dismissal time must be signed out through the front office by a parent, legal guardian or parental designee. Students are not allowed to be checked out after 2:00pm to avoid disruptions in the dismissal process. ​


Attendance Policies & Procedures

Attendance - Regular attendance is essential to the learning process in order to maximize instructional opportunities.  However, it is understood that from time to time a student my be absent from school  The Georgia Board of Education states the following about student absences:

  • Tardiness: Students are responsible for being at school on time, unless the tardy is due to late bus. When a student is late, parents must escort tardy students into the school and sign them in. A student, who is tardy five times during twenty consecutive school days without a satisfactory excuse, will be referred to the school social worker.
  • Counted Present: Students must be in attendance at least one-half of the school day (3 ½ hours) to be counted present.
  • Excused Absences: Students may be temporarily excused from school for personal illness, serious illness or a death in the immediate family, recognized religious holidays observed by one’s faith, absences mandated by government agencies or conditions which render school attendance impossible or hazardous to ones safety. Upon return to school, the student must present the teacher with a specific written excuse for the absence. 
  • Unexcused Absences: An unexcused absence is any absence not covered in the definition above. A student accompanying a family member on a business trip or vacation during regular school calendar is unexcused. When a student accumulates 3 unexcused absences, the teacher will contact the parent. When 5 are accumulated, a referral will be made to the school social worker. 
  • Please note that the school social worker will monitor absences, both excused and unexcused, after 5 are accumulated. 
  • Make-up Work Due to Absence: Parents may request make-up work on the second day of an absence by calling the school before 9:00am or emailing the student's teachers directly. Requested assignments may be picked up in the school office after 2:30 pm or sent home with another student as designated by the parent. When students are absent for unexcused reasons, the teacher will make a list of all important work missed and give it to the student upon return to school with a deadline for completion. Make-up work submitted after the deadline will be given partial credit to no credit depending on the date submitted. 

Did you know your child can when an award?​

At the end of each school year, Hillside like to recognize students with Attendance Awards: 

Perfect Attendance – the student has no absences and no tardies.

Exemplary Attendance – the student has no more than a combination of 3 excused absences and/or excused tardies.

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