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Recycling is Back!!

Mountain Park will begin our recycling of paper products, plastics, and aluminum cans beginning Monday, September 9.

WHERE: dump all paper products from your class or office recycling bin into one of the large receptacles (Herbie Kirbies) located in the hallways:

-By the teacher workroom- KK Hall

-By the cafeteria door

-On the wall close to Art

-On the wall at the entrance to 4th grade hall (plastic/aluminum also)

*Look for the big bins with a recycling symbol over them

WHAT: Paper, cardboard, newspaper, or magazines can be dumped in the Herbie Kirbies  PLEASE NO TRASH!!

Plastics/aluminum cans: Please RINSE (bug prevention!) and place plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans in the blue receptacles next to the cafeteria.  They will be bagged and put outside with the paper to be picked up by the city.

WHEN: All class and office bins should be emptied by Monday afternoons at 2:00.   Recycling can be emptied into the Herbie Kirbies all week long.  Then on Mondays, parent and student volunteers will take the Herbie Kirbies outside to be picked up Tuesday morning.

*The Herbie Kirbies will NOT be available on Tuesdays due to pick-up.

WHY:  Recycling saves landfill space and conserves our natural resources!

For more information contact:  Susan Loomer

Thank you for your help!


If you ae interested in helping with recycling, contact Susan Loomer at the front office.


MPE Recycles:
Paper recycling bins are located in every classroom, office and work room.  Students and teachers place all refuse paper into those bins.  They are collected by volunteers and picked up by the City of Roswell each week.
Paper recyclables: adding machine tape, phone messages, colored paper, envelopes, brochures, copy paper, newsletters, post-it-notes, paper with tape, lined legal pad, school tablets, or notebook paper.
Throughout the school building there are several plastic bins for plastic recyclables with a number of 1-7 PETE.  To find out what number is on your item, look for a triangle.  The number in the center determines the type of plastic.  Remove lid (lids are not recyclable) and RINSE thoroughly.  You do not need to remove the label. 
MPE recycles cardboard and paperboard food containers like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, chipboard, and brown paper bags.
Corrugated cardboard like moving boxes should be broken down and flattened.  (Sometimes made of paper with plastic or aluminum coating). 
MPE recycles cardboard and paperboard food containers like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, chipboard, and brown paper bags.
Put in the recycle bins with the plastic bottles.  Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly!


Susan Loomer 


MPES is Roswell's 2011-2012 Environmental School of the Year!

April 24, 2012 MPE received the award for Roswell Environmental School of the Year! Thank you so much for your support by encouraging students to recycle!  This award was given to MPE by Keep Roswell Beautiful.  Congratulations!!!

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