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Check it out!  MPE is Georgia Shapegrant's School of the Month!



MPE's Shapegrant Taste Test:



Our students loved it!


Mountain Park Elementary is part of the Farm to School Program.  This week: Delicious Grapefruit!

grapefruit.png lunch3.png




:  lunch menu.png



Cafe rules:
· Enter and exit quietly-walking at all times.
· Pick up all necessary items from the cafeteria line. (This includes napkins, forks, spoons, straws, ketchup, dressing, and ice cream.)
· Sit in assigned class area. (Do not leave your seat without permission. Use the restroom before coming to lunch).
· Show good eating habits and table manners.
· Talk softly with those at your table.
· Show respect to cafeteria workers, monitors, and custodians.
· Clean up your personal space, including chair, after eating.
· Pick up and throw away all trash.

Have your money ready before you go through the lunch line.
Foods brought from home need to be in plastic containers that you can open. All soft drinks are prohibited.
Eat your own food. Because of food allergies and spreading of germs, do not share food.
Do not loan or ask to borrow money. If you forget your lunch or milk money, ask the cashier if you can charge it.

Susan Juers, Manager  juers@fultonschools.org  .


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