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The purpose of the Ocee Elementary School Governance Council is to engage in shared governance with the school administration, to oversee the development of the school strategic plan, approve annual budgets and resource allocations, and participate in school-based interviews for the principal position.  Additionally, the Ocee Elementary School Governance Council serves a representative body for the community and the school, but operates under the control and management of the Fulton County Schools Board of Education.  The Ocee Elementary School Governance Council is also responsible for the following activities:

a) Managing the FCS Requests for Flexibility process in alignment with the school strategic plan

b) Communicating to the community-at-large about the strateic plan and other school-related activities

c) Providing annual feedback on the principal's performance​

2018-2022 Strategic Plan Draft


Our 2018-2019 Ocee ES Governance Council Officers

Chair: Kristin Freret

Vice Chair: Lindsey Gould

Parlimentarian: Janani Varadharajan

Public Comment Period for 2019-2020 Release Days

To support the ongoing professional learning of staff and to ensure that we are implementing the frameworks in our strategic plan with fidelity, our SGC approved four release days for the 2019-2020 school year. The release dates for next year as closely aligned with our Alpharetta High School and Chattahoochee High School feeder patterns. The proposed dates are 9/3/19, 11/4/19, 2/14/20, and 3/16/20.

If you have a comment about our release day waiver, please direct your feedback to oceestrategicplan@fultonschools.org.

Our SGC will meet on March 20, 2019, to discuss public comments related to this waiver.

Our 2019-2020 Voting Period Open!

Families and staff should receive links to vote for our open SGC elections on Monday, March 11, 2019.

We have two open SGC positions this year (one parent, one teacher).  Please read their candidate statements below:

Ocee ES Candidate Statements (Spring 2019)


Kristin Freret, fre.kristin@gmail.com

My name is Kristin Freret and I have been a resident of Alpharetta, GA for over 4 years. I have served one 2 year term on School Governance Council and am asking to be re-elected through your votes! As a full-time working Wife, and Mom of 2 elementary school age children, involvement in their school is very important to me. Not only do I want to know what they are learning in their classrooms, but I want to understand better how the school functions to benefit the overall student population and amazing teachers of Ocee. Firsthand, I have seen the thought and thorough preparation that goes into budgeting and programming decisions, which all include initiatives that ladder up to the Strategic Plan of Ocee. In my first 2 year term, we worked to create and begin implementation of the Strategic Plan. I ask for your votes to allow me to continue to see the plan through for 2 more years! I am always available for questions or feedback regarding what it is that the School Governance Council works towards and invite you to attend a meeting sometime!


Sarah Harkins, harkinss@fultonschools.org

I love teaching fifth grade at Ocee. As a product of Fulton County schools and later the University of Georgia, I want to be a part of the decision-making process for our school and the community that helped build me. Through my experiences in my Master’s program, where I focused on both Gifted and ESL education, and now as a general education teacher, Science Ambassador, and Math Learning Architect, I’ve worked with and supported students with a variety of needs. These experiences will help me make informed decisions to positively affect Ocee in a place where “students come first.” If chosen to represent the SGC, I would do my best inside and outside the classroom to help provide a quality education for all students of Ocee and make decisions that would yield results we want to see.

By focusing on the four pillars of the strategic plan, our roles in the School Governance Council are to find a way to integrate the initiatives seamlessly to generate the desired outcomes. We know that we want students to achieve and for people to enjoy being at Ocee, and I believe that I have the ability, desire, and genuine enthusiasm to help make these initiatives happen in the classroom and community. At Ocee, we already have the resources, knowledge, and desire to accomplish increase student achievement, parent/student/staff involvement, and community collaboration here at Ocee, and I would love to be a part of leveraging our existing skills over the next two years to make these important changes.

Please visit the FCS School Governance page for more information about voting!

collapse SGC Member Type : Community Member ‎(2)
Nikke LandaCommunity Memberlanda@fultonschools.org6/30/2020
Chief Jeff HoganCommunity MemberJeff.Hogan@johnscreekga.gov6/30/2019
collapse SGC Member Type : Parent/Guardian ‎(3)
Franca MarshParent/Guardianmarshf@fultonschools.org6/30/2020
Janani Ramya VaradharajanParent/Guardianvaradharajan@flutonschools.org6/30/2020
Kristin FreretParent/Guardianfreret@fultonschools.org6/30/2019
collapse SGC Member Type : Principal ‎(1)
Ryan MoorePrincipalmooregr@fultonschools.orgN/A
collapse SGC Member Type : Teacher/Staff Member ‎(4)
Krista GreenemeierTeacher/Staff Membergreenemeierk@fultonschools.org6/30/2020
Jill O'NeillTeacher/Staff Memberoneillj@fultonschools.org6/30/2020
Sarah HarkinsTeacher/Staff Memberharkinss@fultonschools.org6/30/2019
Lindsey GouldTeacher/Staff Membergouldl@fultonschools.org6/30/2019

​Please see the document libaries below for important information about the Ocee Elementary School RFF's, the Ocee Elementary School Strategic Plan, and much more!​ 

School Governance Council Handbook v2.0.pdf
Guidance for Universal Requests for Flexibility - V2.pdf

Meeting Dates & Location:

2018-2019 Ocee SGC Schedule
August 16, 2018
September 10, 2018
October 17, 2018
November 28, 2018
December 12, 2018 (Public Comment)
February 20, 2019 (Public Comment)
March 20, 2019
April 30, 2019

All Ocee SGC Meetings will be held from 7:00AM - 9:00AM in F108

Please check proposed agendas to determine if public comment is scheduled.


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expand Date : 3/9/2016 ‎(2)
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