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​​​​​The Ocee cafeteria staff provides nutritious, safe and customer acceptable meals to all students in support of health and academic achievement. This year our menus feature affordable, nutritious and delicious meals that rock. Fulton County School Cafes provide all components of a balanced plate, including whole grains, veggies, fruits, protein and dairy.

Students, staff, and visitors may eat breakfast and/or lunch here each day.  



2018-2019 Meal Prices
Student Breakfast:  $1.10             Student Lunch:  $2.45
Adult/Staff Breakfast $1.60                Adult/Staff Lunch:  $3.45

Reduced Prices
Student Breakfast: $.30
Student Lunch: $.40

Payments accepted: Cash or Check

Menus Click Here


Parents can prepay by Internet or phone for lunch & breakfast:

1.  Simply log onto:  www.MyPaymentsPlus.com
2.  Register your child into the K-12 school lunch prepayment system.

The Student ID number referenced in the MyPaymentsPlus information is the students permanent ID number. This is the number that is assigned to each student and goes with them from school to school within the Fulton County Schools system.  It is the 10 digit number that is on the student's schedule, report card, etc.  It is not the Georgia Testing or Social Security number.



Meal Charges

We appreciate parental assistance in reminding students to bring lunch money 
and frequently checking with children and/or the online payment system about when additional payments are needed. It is upsetting to children to be without lunch money. 

Only three charges are permitted. After three charges, students will not be 
permitted additional charges. However, our cafeteria will provide the child 
with a cheese sandwich and a milk. 

Students will receive a charge slip 
indicating the amount due and that additional money is needed the following 
day. No meal charges are permitted after March 30, 2018.

To get more information about the 
FCBOE School Nutrition Program, please 

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