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Iowa Assessments

The Fulton iowaTests.jpgCounty Schools Assessment Department is pleased to announce that we are moving to a new norm referenced test this school year. Fulton County students have taken the ITBS Form A as part of Fulton County's balanced assessment plan for many years. ITBS Form A was published 15 years ago with content from approximately 1995 and has ten year old norms.

In October, students in grades 3, 5, and 8 will be taking the Iowa Assessment Form E. Students will take the test online and schools anticipate receiving student level results in a usable electronic format within 5 business days.

Georgia Milestones 

​ ​​​Questions? See the documents below:
Georgia Milestones Articles

Parent Guide to GA Milestones from PTA GA

Georgia Milestones Assessment System ​


Milestones test practice ​

Lexile Map_GA.pdf

GA Milestones 3rd grade guide.pdf

GA Milestones 4th grade guide.pdf

GA Milestones 5th grade guide.pdf

​Free resources for keyboarding practice keyboarding practice.docx


Georgia Standards web site​



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