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The Who I Am (WIA) Initiative is a school-wide program that will prepare every Fulton Schools College and Career Academy (FSCCA) student to articulate who they are using technology as a professional for college and career opportunities.

The overarching goal of the WIA Initiative is to help students communicate and "link" the skills and lessons they learn at school with the technology they use every day and the opportunities that they will have in their futures.

As part of the WIA Initiative, each student will:

  • Articulate and surface the character strengths that make them who they are and define them as a person
  • Practicing answering key questions that will help them stand out to colleges and employers
  • Share the specific skills and growth they have experienced in their career pathway
  • Utilize technology to create a digital video profile on the mobile ZeeMee platform

Video Technology

FSCCA is firmly committed to meeting students where they are, in the classroom and beyond. Students will master the free video platform ZeeMee as part of the WIA initiative, which allows students to create professional videos defining "who they are" directly on their smartphones. Teachers, counselors, and staff will work with students to create this positive, professional, media-rich profile to help students connect with life-changing opportunities beyond their high school career. It will also prepare them for the interview process with future colleges or employers.

"FSCCA students live on their smartphones – and it's time to meet them where they are. I want every one of my students to take advantage of this digital age to create a positive digital identity, and proudly share their story to colleges or careers they apply for" – Lorissa Edwards, Principal​​

ZeeMee Logo.png

Powered by ZeeMee

ZeeMee is a free smartphone app focused on using video to help students share their stories with college and careers. ZeeMee is requested as a field in the application of 200+ colleges and universities around the country. FSCCA is dedicated to lead on the cutting edge of technology to help students achieve academic and life success, and is a proud partner of ZeeMee.


Bringing the PCCLI Framework to Life in Practice

The PCCLI Framework (Professionalism, Character, Collaboration, Leadership, and Innovation) sets the tone for what happens every day at the FSCCA. The WIA Initiative bolsters the power of this framework by putting it into practice.


FrameworkDefinitionThrough WIA, students will…



We believe in carrying ourselves in a manner that conveys class and sophistication in both dress, attitude, and work output. We believe in being prepared, having job-related competence, and effectively communicating with the utmost etiquette and care for all people at all times. We do not believe in finding reasons to complain or criticize but rather collectively commit to being timely with our job-related responsibilities all while showing a consistent commitment to flexibility and an openness to change. 


- Use a digital medium to showcase their class and sophistication directly to a college or employer

- Share what professionalism means to them and display that professionalism


We believe that character is about being loyal to scrupulous convictions by demonstrating transparency, courteousness, reliability, thoughtfulness, consideration, and respectfulness of one's self and others. As professionals in the Academy we believe that the best display of ethical behavior is not in the words we use but in the actions we choose. To this end, we will be steadfast in modeling high quality etiquette in all of our correspondence and transactions while pursuing relationships/partnerships that are based on edifying principles that pursue the betterment of all that we serve.


- Identify their greatest character strengths

- Showcase positive actions versus words

- Model high quality etiquette


We believe that as professionals in the Academy we are made better by the amalgamation of every individual' s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  We will not function in silos outside of the team but rather work cohesively to produce the highest and best collaborative outcome.  We recognize that our commitment in the collaborative process is not limited to this building but expands to schools, communities, and businesses that work in tandem with our vision for student achievement.


- Work in teams to gain and contribute valuable feedback

- Practice professional self-expression in a group setting


We believe that as we are being groomed as leaders in this Academy, we must first model leadership qualities inside and outside of the classroom.  We believe that leaders are not defined by job title but by their passion and consistency in showing proactivity, initiative, responsibility, focus, decisiveness, and confidence. We are dedicated to being persistent in formulating effective solutions and strategies with a keen resourcefulness and enterprising perspective.


- Articulate their leadership vision

- Share their story by defining "Who I Am" as a leader

- Identify a time when they have showcased: proactivity, initiative, responsibility, focus, decisiveness, and confidence


We believe that innovative minds are intuitive listeners and thinkers that solve problems that are not yet realized and craft ideas that have not yet been discovered.  We commit to continued growth and exposure to developing our inventiveness and eye for ingenuity.  We will seek challenges, embrace new ideas, take risks, increase our pacing, and produce more than is expected.


- Lead their peers in an increasingly digital and video-focused economy

- Produce and promote themselves as a professional, academic, citizen, and brand. ​


"At the Fulton Schools College and Career Academy we are not just keeping up with the latest technology, we are actively leading and innovating by using technology like ZeeMee to provide deep support to our students as they transition to college and career."

- Lorissa Edwards, Principal

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