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Students who did not receive a device during deployment can obtain a device from the Media Hub during their LUNCH PERIOD. Please bring all required paperwork.

Tech support for student devices is offered through the Media Hub/Tech Support Kiosk!



Milton High School will again be utilizing the ZippSlip service for DIGITAL sign-off on the Student Device User Agreement. Please see the directions below for assistance with this process.
For students/parents who already have a ZippSlip account (returning to Milton):
  • Go to ZippSlip site: http://bit.ly/2wBLZAn
  • Login using the email and password you used to create your account last school year.
  • There is a Password Reset tool available if needed.
  • You can add additional students to your account and complete forms for them.
  • There is an electronic Signature Pin Reset available if needed.
  • If you have forgotten your login email ID or you no longer have access to the email ID you used, please send a request to support@zippslip.com. (Include your name, your student(s) names and students' date of birth).
For Parents/Students with no ZippSlip account:
  • Create a New Parent Account at: http://bit.ly/2wBLZAn
  • Enter your name, email, and create & confirm your password to Create Account.
  • Enter your child's 10-digit Fulton County Student I.D. (found on student schedule, report cards, etc.) and their date of birth to add a student to your account. You can add all your students to one parent account.
  • Create a PIN.
  • Login to ZippSlip using your newly created account.
  • Select the form that requires you to Respond Now.
  • Create and confirm an electronic signature PIN. This 4-6-digit number is an extra security precaution and will be used to sign all electronic forms.
  • To complete the form, enter your Student's Name and your electronic signature PIN where indicated.
  • When you have responded "Yes" to all available forms, then you are finished.
Additional ZippSlip Help:
You also have the option of printing, signing, and returning the Device User Agreement Form HERE.
Students who do not complete the ZippSlip process MUST bring the completed/signed Device User Agreement Form with them to the Media Hub on the date they are scheduled to receive their device.
Parents can choose to purchase insurance for the Microsoft Surface. Many insurance companies ask families to mail devices directly to the company for repair/replacement. Parents MAY ONLY use insurance companies with repair centers authorized by the device manufacturer, to avoid voiding our warranties.
Fulton has looked into insurance companies that have been popular with families and confirmed that as of June 2016: WORTH AVE GROUP uses authorized repair centers for ALL of our devices so this may be an option for families.
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