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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! 

We are again utilizing an electronic delivery of our 2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook to parents who have an email address on file with their school.  This electronic delivery process involves completion of two simple steps, 1) Reviewing the Student Code of Conduct and 2) Completing and submitting the Acknowledgement of Electronic Receipt.  Instructions are below:

1. Please review and save the updated 2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook at http://www.fultonschools.org/en/divisions/acd/supportserv/Pages/StudentDiscipline.aspx


2. Please click the link below to review and submit the required Acknowledgement of Electronic Receipt Form.  After review of the Acknowledgement of Electronic Receipt, please complete the electronic form and submit it.



It is important that you review and discuss the Code of Conduct with your child(ren).  Teachers will also review the Code of Conduct with students at the beginning of the school year. 

We encourage you to acknowledge receipt of these materials electronically, however, a limited number of hard copies of the Receipt form and the Code of Conduct & Handbook will be available either at your school or the Office of Student Discipline.

Thank you and have a wonderful school year!


Eric Carlyle, PhD
Director, Student Discipline Prevention and Intervention ï Fulton County Schools
6201 Powers Ferry Road ï Atlanta, GA 30339
470-254-0480 ph  ï 470-254-1247 fax
carlyleea@fultonschools.org  ï www.fultonschools.org




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NORTH SPRINGS Honor Code and Recovery Policies

To further the goals of the North Springs Charter High School Strategic Plan to provide students with access to customized learning, students do not have permission to fail.  As a community of educators who understand that a grade of zero can devastate a student’s ability to demonstrate content knowledge through the earned grade, the teachers at North Springs will customize student learning by allowing students to redo assignments and to recover from failing grades.

Honor Code

As a community that values academic honesty and seeks to provide the highest levels of learning for students, the North Springs administration, faculty, parents, and students do not tolerate cheating.

As stated in the above Fulton County Board of Education Policy, cheating includes:

  •  Copying or borrowing from another source and submitting it as one’s own work – including plagiarizing sources from the internet
  •      Seeking or accepting unauthorized assistance from anyone on tests, projects, or other assignments
  •  Providing or receiving test questions in advance without permission
  •  Working collaboratively with other students when individual work is expected – including homework
  •  Other offenses as determined by administration

Copying, plagiarism on a research paper or project, receiving or giving answers during a test or quiz, providing answers on an assignment which should have been completed by an individual student will have the following consequences for all classes:

  • First offense – Zero on the assignment; parent notification; teacher requires assignment completion for 50%; assignments not redone will remain a zero
  • Second offense – Zero on the assignment; parent notification
  • Third and further offenses – Zero on the assignment; parent notification; disciplinary referral to administrator

Consequences will be applied if cheating occurs on any work submitted by a North Springs student in an event, competition, or contest in which he\she represents the school system. 

Additional possible consequences may include exclusion from interscholastic activities and extracurricular activities, as determined by the administrator.

Recovery Policy

Teachers will offer remediation assignments and/or remediation (help) sessions and/or individual remediation sessions for students who fail to meet the objectives of the standards covered in the curriculum.   

Students may request to redo missing work or work which resulted in a zero, within the six weeks in which the assignment occurred, but no later than two weeks before the end of the semester. Teachers may extend the time period allowed based on extenuating student and/or teacher circumstances. After the student has completed/redone all work, resulting in no recorded zeroes, if the student’s CUMULATIVE average is below a 70%, the student may request a teacher determined recovery assignment designed to bring the student’s CUMULATIVE average to a maximum 70%.

I have read the North Springs Charter High School Honor Code and Recovery policies. I understand the

consequences of an honor code violation. I understand the process for recovery. 

Student Name Printed ___________________________Student Signature__________________________________

Important Links:

Student Discipline in Fulton County Schools


The Student Discipline Prevention and Intervention Department (SDPI) provides advice, resources and advocacy to ensure that our ever growing school district has a unified focus in providing a safe, nurturing and well-disciplined environment for all of our students and employees. SDPI supports school staff and administrators to build capacity and restoratively improve school climate and culture through positive behavior interventions and supports and fair discipline processes and procedures. 


​Academic Honesty

The Board of Education regards academic honesty as a cornerstone of its educational mission. Cheating will not be tolerated in this school system. Each school shall have a rule prohibiting cheating which shall be made available to students and parents. At a minimum, the rule should contain the following:

a. Examples of cheating, which could include areas such as

  • copying or "borrowing" from another source and submitting it as one's own work
  • seeking or accepting unauthorized assistance on tests, projects or other assignments
  • altering or forging grades, gradebooks, progress reports, report cards or other academic records
  • fabricating data, signatures or resources
  • providing or receiving test questions in advance without permission
  • working collaboratively with other students when individual work is expected

·         and any other examples that the school wishes to include.

b. Range of possible disciplinary consequences, consistent with the Student Behavior Code (Operating Guideline JD).

c. Range of possible academic consequences, which may include, when the principal or designee deems appropriate, repeating the assignment or a similar assignment, receiving a reduced grade or a zero on the test or assignment or other consequences at the discretion of the principal.

d. Range of possible extracurricular consequences, which may include exclusion from extracurricular activities, interscholastic activities, honor societies and clubs; ineligibility for school offices or school honors; and other consequences at the discretion of the principal.

Teachers and administrators should be vigilant in monitoring compliance with this policy and the school's cheating rule, including that involving mobile technology or internet resources. 
Given that academic integrity is an expectation of all Fulton County students, consequences may be applied if cheating incidences occur on any work submitted by Fulton County students in an event, competition or contest in which they represent the school system.















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