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Extracurricular activities at North Springs include everything from 18 varsity and 

club sports - to over 50 clubs, honor societies, competitions and countless

opportunities in the arts: dance, marching band, orchestra, chorus,

theatre, visual art, graphic design, film, broadcast video, concerts, plays,

 performances and more.  Get involved in what interests you and 

you'll be sure to Find Yourself Here!

Spartan ​Athletics . . .

 NS FBall 2013-09-06_024.JPG

Welcome to Sparta, home of

the mighty Spartans, where our

athletes compete in18 varsity

and club sports in region 7 AAAAA!

Click here to access our full lineup

of sports by season with coaches

and contact information

and get in on all the athletic action.

As with academics, the mission

of our athletic program is to

ensure equity, excellence

and excitement

for all athletes.

Go Spartans!


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​Clubs & Activities . . .572.JPG

 One of the best ways to get

 involved at North Springs is

to join a club. Our charter requires

students to get involved in at

 least two clubs, sports or

other activity.

Soon after school starts a

Club and Activities Fair is held showcasing all the clubs and

activities students can join. 

Students simply sign up,

provide their email and phone

 contact and then get started by attending meetings- often held

before or after school.

Click here for a list of current clubs and to sign up online!

​  Visual & Performing Arts . . .


   Be sure to check the calendar

   for upcoming arts events and the

   arts  booster  links to see audition,

   rehearsal, performance and concert

   dates.  The music department always

   hosts fall and winter band, orchestra

   and choral concerts; in November,

   the Dance department performs

   Project Dance- a showcase of student   

   choreography and the theatre

   department opens their season at

   the end of September, performing

   a winter show second semester

   and a big musical each spring.



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