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Teacher Grant Applications Winter 2017


Teacher Grant Applications are due by Sunday, January 8, 6 PM. The opportunity to apply for a Spartan Nation Teacher Grant is open to all NSCHS teachers, specialists, counselors, school assistants, administrators, students (via a school sponsor), or any combination thereof. Please follow the instructions to apply.


  1. You need to join Spartan Nation to apply for a grant.  This will allow you to log-in and reach the grant application. There is also a rubric online that explains how the grant applications are evaluated. To join or log in as a faculty member click here.
  2. Using the questions below, we suggest you create a Word document with your application data. This will allow for easy editing and to avoid being "timed out" of the online application on your computer.

      • Project Title – Brief project title
      • Grant Cost - What are the grant request cost and purchase details? List anticipated purchases. Provide quote(s), if possible, via spartannationinc@gmail.com
      • Project Description - Briefly describe your grant request's major tasks and timeline.
      • Grant Target Population - Describe your grant request's target population and the number of students this grant will impact.
      • Benefits - Describe the benefits to the students (academic or non-academic) and any measures of success.
      • Other Funding - Describe other sources of funding you have investigated, if any.
      1. Department Support - Does your department chair support this grant request and has verified the funding is not available from other sources?


        Please note: Generally we do not pay for travel expenses, including field trips.  However, if you would like to share your need with us, we will be happy to send your request to other organizations who do fund travel including assisting you with applying for outside grants such one funded by Target.

  3. Open the online form in the left hand column, answer the initial questions and paste your answers into the corresponding questions and complete the application.  You can save it and finish it later.
  4. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email sent to the address used in the application to confirm that the application has been received. Without this confirmation, your application may not have been received. The Spartan Nation grant committee will consolidate the requests for review by the department chair and the principal to ensure no other sources of funds exist.
  5. The committee will then review grant requests using the Teacher Grant Evaluation Criteria. Applicants will be contacted by a member of the Grant Committee with any questions. The committee will make recommendations for approvals to the Spartan Nation Board who will discuss and vote on the grants at the next Board meeting.
  6. Notification will be sent to the applicant approximately 4 weeks after the grant deadline ends.
  7. A member of the Spartan Nation Grant Committee will work with the approved applicants on the purchase of equipment or materials.
  8. Every grant recipient is expected to provide pictures of the grant item(s) being used and a quote about the impact of the grant. This is not optional and is extremely important. Send the information to spartannationinc@gmail.com. This information will be placed on the Spartan Nation website and social media sites to inform donors about how their donations are being used.

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