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The Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Department is designed to meet the needs of of all students regardless of their academic concentration.  Students select a career pathway and take at least three (3) courses in this program of study. CTAE seeks to develop those skills, attitudes, and traits which are necessary to succeed in a rapidly advancing society.
The Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Department obtained Industry Certification for its Business and Marketing programs. Industry Certification means that the most current trends in business and industry are taught.

Architecture, Construction, Communication and Transportation Concentration

  • Broadcast/Video Production Pathway
  • Graphic Design Pathway

Business and Computer Science Concentration

Business & Computer Science Industry Certification

  • Computing Pathway
  • Interactive Media Pathway
  • Financial Management Services Pathway
  • Small Business Development Pathway
Culinary Arts Concentration
  • Culinary Arts Pathway 

Engineering and Technology Concentration 
  • Engineering Pathway
  Healthcare Science Concentration
  • Cosmetology Pathway
  Marketing Sales and Services Concentration
  • Hospitality and Tourism Pathway
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Pathway 

Work-Based Learning
Work-Based Learning placements represent the pinnacle of the Career-Related Education experience. To qualify for a WBL placement, a student must be in grades 11 or 12 and at least 16 years old. Students must also have a defined Career Pathway in order to participate in the Work-Based component of Career-Related Education. This is especially important for successful completion of a student’s pathway in that their job placement is directly related to the curriculum of the Career Technical and Agricultural Education classes they have completed or in which they are concurrently enrolled. There are several opportunities for students to participate in work-based learning. These opportunities include Cooperative Education, Internship, Youth Apprenticeship, and Clinical Experiences.
Dual Enrollment
Dual enrollment is an educational opportunity that allows secondary students to earn dual credit from both GADOE schools and the TCSG technical colleges while the student is still in high school. The students must be at least 16 years old and be classified as a junior or senior. Dual enrollment courses may be taught at the student’s home high school, at the sponsoring technical college or at a career center or similar location. The instructor can be an employee of the technical college or the secondary school. The HOPE Grant will help pay the technical college expenses for all students who qualify.
Joint Enrollment
Joint enrollment allows high school students to earn post-secondary credits only. The course is taught by a post-secondary instructor on the college campus. The HOPE Grant will help pay for coursework for students who qualify.
The articulation process allows students to receive credit at the post-secondary institution rather than duplicating coursework already taken at the high school level. Secondary course standards are aligned with post-secondary course standards and students earn credit for both courses. However, students must pass the college course exemption exam and be accepted into the post-secondary institution upon earning the college credit.
CTI Support Services
Career Technical Instruction (CTI) services in Georgia are designed to support students with disabilities who are enrolled in career, technical, and agricultural education. The goal of the secondary (grades 9 – 12) level support services are to provide these students with employment opportunities at the completion of the career, technical, and agricultural experience.  Students are served by special education teachers to ensure delivery of appropriate accommodations in their classes and assist in coordination of the services needed to acquire future employment.

CTAE Department Head
​Larhonda Palmer

CTAE Faculty & Staff:
Karen Smith
​Glenda Grate
​Octavious Hose
​Jazasnette Turner​
​Angel Davis
​Allen Norwood 
​Daniel Smith
Eddie Massey
​Shoroley Gibbs
​Cheryl Williams

Co-Curricular Organizations


DECA is an association of marketing students designed to support the development of marketing and management skills at the secondary and post-secondary level.


FBLA is an education association of students preparing for careers in business and business related fields.

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