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Tri-Cities High School is dedicated to providing a safe, productive, and organized academic environment for all students. We believe that when all parties in the school environment are functioning as a single entity, teachers are able to teach and students are able to learn. Education supplies a means of student development and adjustment that when paired with exceptional teachers can empower students to change the world. Subsequently, Tri-Cities’ discipline policy provides alternatives to immediate out of school suspension and progressive disciplinary steps where appropriate.  By utilizing the PBIS system, Tri-Cities has devised various alternative solutions to help promote growth in our student body and provide alternative disciplinary actions that can help keep our students in school and learning.

Students at Tri-Cities are expected to behave appropriately at all times. The Tri-Cities High School faculty, staff, and community will not tolerate violence and unceasingly disruptive behavior. Fulton County School Resource Officers will be called in all cases of violence and charges will be placed against the offenders whenever possible.


All Tri-Cities High School students are expected to:

• Make a daily commitment to academic achievement and social responsibility
• Avoid relationships or activities that have the potential to become an obstacle in their academic       and social development
• Arrive at school on time everyday, alert and willing to work effectively
• Consistently exemplify school preparedness, self-discipline and governance, respectfulness, focus, courteousness, inquisitiveness, and cooperation with peers and school personnel

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