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To be Service-Minded means to give without expectation of receiving. As teachers we have committed our professional lives to providing a service of educating our students. The service we provide doesn't stop at teaching new concepts, standards mastery or critical thinking. The service we provide extends to counseling, providing food and security and sometimes shelter. What also goes without notation is that the service we provide does not stop at the one year of engagement with our students. The service we provide has a BUTTERFLY EFFECT that has effects long after our interaction has ended. (proven scientific theory) My challenge to you is to not just teach the curriculum but to also teach our students to be SERVICE-MINDED. Teach that service goes beyond the moment of engagement. Teach that service is what is owed for the many privileges we enjoy. Teach that service is done with no expectation of immediate acknowledgement or gratitude. After all, we, teachers start every day with a SERVICE Mindset in hopes that one day the service will be reciprocated, maybe not to us directly but to another citizen of this wonderful world we share.

Safe and Secure

We often think of a physical environment when SAFE and SECURE is referenced but it also applies to the emotional/mental environment. To be SAFE in the physical means to know what dangers, weapons, obstacles are present. To be SECURE means to know that your perimeters are in tack, fastened or fixed. Let’s apply those same thoughts of SAFETY and SECURITY to our mental and emotional environment. Let’s be mindful and teach others to be mindful of the dangers of the words we use and unconfirmed thoughts or perceptions when we interact with one another. Let’s create secure spaces in our conversations that allow for adversity, challenge and mistakes. Then together, as a COMMUNITY, let us teach one another how to use our words to safely navigate within this secure mental environment to be our BEST SELVES.

Adversity is the catalyst for optimism which is the foundation for change. However, nothing can happen if the emotional environment is not safe and secure.

10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy!

1. You’re the Driver of the Bus.

2. Desire, Vision and Focus move your bus in the right direction.

3. Fuel your Ride with Positive Energy.

4. Invite People on Your Bus and Share your Vision for the Road Ahead.

5. Don’t Waste Your Energy on those who don’t get on your Bus.

6. Post a Sign that says “No Energy Vampires Allowed” on your Bus.

7. Enthusiasm attracts more Passengers and Energizes them during the Ride.

8. Love your Passengers.

9.Drive with Purpose.

10.Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride.

Drive Your Bus

We all know someone who is never happy. Everything they say is a complaint, negative or problem. Almost never is it a problem they have cause and almost always is it someone else’s fault. How do you feel around those people? Why do you feel drawn to them but often leave with dread? START DRIVING YOUR OWN BUS! Stop riding on a bus that’s stifling, no fresh air, and mentally stinky. Drive your bus! Choose to turn on Positive Pkwy and ride up Reflective Rd. Take the roundabout to Committed Hwy then venture to Innovative Cir. Navigate to Optimistic St. then to Service-Minded Drive and get lost the everlasting highway of Grateful Gateway and Thankful Thoroughfare!

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