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WHS Student Services RUSH Week




Westlake Catalog 19-20.pdf


RUSH Week Continues with

Kitchen Table Talk: Course Request FAQs

1. What is a course request?

A course request is an itemized list of courses that will be used to generate your

student’s schedule for the 2019-20 school year. The course request lists recommended

 courses; however, courses are subject to change as staffing needs are determined.

Course requests are provided to middle school students in late February. Please review

 this and document any changes because this document will be used to develop your

childs schedule. There will limited to no opportunities to make additional changes once

 school begins.

2. How are courses determined?

Courses are determined in three ways: teachers make recommendations based on

progress in current courses; counselors review transcripts and place students in the

correct course based on county placement guides; remaining courses are selected as

 needed to fill holes (counselors prioritize the electives that students showed interest in)

3. How many courses should my student have?

Each 9th grade student will have 8 credit hours on their course request.

4. My student says that he has previously taken a course that’s on the current

course request. What should we do?

Log into Home Access and take a look at the student’s transcript.

 If you see a course (accompanied by a passing grade) listed on the transcript,

 then a change is needed. Please complete the bottom of the course request form

 indicating this change.

5. My student would like an honors or AP class. What should we do?

Teachers recommended students for AP and/or honors classes based on current

progress in courses, as outlined in Fulton County’s Placement Guide. If your student

was not recommended for advanced courses, you may submit a waiver requesting

for your child to be placed in a particular class. Please indicate the change on the

bottom of the course request AND retrieve the course waiver form from your

student’s counselor.

6. Will my students have these exact same courses in the fall?

Even though we aim to ensure students get the same courses that are listed on the

 request, there is no guarantee. There are other factors that affect scheduling

 between now and the beginning of school, such as staffing and scheduling building

 that sometimes shift the priority levels; this can interfere with the course offerings

 and shift what the student takes. Please note that shifts occur only in situations that

 cannot be avoided.

7. Does my student have what he or she needs to graduate?

The first priority of student services department is to ensure the successful graduation

 of our students; therefore, counselor often review transcripts to make sure students

 have been placed appropriately. If you have a specific concern in this area, please

contact your student’s counselor.

8. Will my student receive the pathway of his or her choice?

We do our best to honor the first and second choice pathway options. However, due to

scheduling restrictions and demands, often students are not able to take the pathway

 that they are most excited about. Please note that if you do not see the pathway that

you chose it is due to the fact that it either is full or could not fit into your schedule for

 various reasons and counselors have placed you in the next best option.

To print the above information please click the link below:

Course Request FAQs rising 9th[9110].pdf


WHS RUSH Week Continued!

Four Year Course Progression

For a printable cop of the above document, please click below:

Rising 9th Grade Four-Year Course Progression Sheet.pdf_

Zoom Video Meeting on Thursday,

December 6, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. 

We will have an in dept discussion about important topics regarding your rising Freshman.

We can't wait to see you there. Click the picture above to join!

Counseling Department Info 

WHS Guidance Department’s Mission:  Our mission is to direct, encourage, and

perpetuate academic, personal, and social success for each Westlake student.

Counselors at WHS work with students individually and in groups to aid in personal,

social, career, and educational development. Counselors provide the following services:

* Enroll students
* Advise students concerning course selections
* Provide confidential counseling for personal problems
* Assist students and parents in making personal and educational decisions
* Provide information on colleges, admissions and scholarships
* Maintain record of student grades/transcripts and test scores for standardized tests
* Develop confidential relationships with students to help them resolve or cope with problems & developmental concerns​


GSFC Explanation [click here]

GSFC Requirements [click here]

GSFC Course_List  [click here]



Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) letter to parents & students (click here)

New Student Registration Information (click here)

Senior Powerpoint 2018.pptx

My College Quick Start (click here)

WHS Guidance Department’s Vision:  Westlake Guidance Department will collaborate with the entire Westlake community to promote academic success and to equip students with the resources necessary to live productive lives grounded in veracity and service.


  Scheduling Information:

These next few weeks are key and crucial times for decisions about your student's courses.  It is our desire that these resources assist you and your student in making the best decision possible for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you need assistance, please reach out to your Westlake Counselor or any member of the Student Services Team.

The timeline for scheduling season is as follows:

·       January 10-January 13: teachers make core class recommendations for students based on performance

·       January 19—January 26: Students will individually make their own selections for elective courses.  Students will meet with counselors during prearranged times (ELA class) and will complete elective selection forms.  Please use the course catalog on http://westlakehs.org/guidance to assist with this decision

·       January 26:  AP Night; come out and learn about Advanced Placement course opportunities and requirements

·       February 6: First course verification sent home.  A course verification form contains a list of all courses for which your student has been pre-registered – core and elective.  *these selections are subject to change due to staffing and course availability.  These forms must be returned by February 13 in order for changes to be honored. 

·       April 11: Second course verifications will be sent home; form must be returned by April 13

*Course verifications do NOT include teacher names and periods. 

Guidance sheets rising 9th.pdf

Guidance sheets rising 10th.pdf

Rising 11th Grade Guidance Sheet.pdf

Rising 12th Grade Guidance Sheet.pdf



[Summer School Fulton (Face to Face)]

[Summer School Fulton Virtual (Online)]

​​​​​​Counselor Corner Information:

WHS Guidance Department                                            2400 Union Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
Phone #: 470-254-6414
Fax #: 470-254-6415



Westlake Catalog 19-20.pdf

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