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 The Lion's Pride

Greetings Westlake Families, 

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Tutorial Policy & Pick Up Policy

In an effort to ensure student safety and ability to receive academic support, we have begun a new tutorial and after school policy.  In order for students to stay after school for an activity or tutorial, they must receive a pass from the teacher, coach or sponsor prior to remaining after school.  If they do not have a pass they are not allowed to remain after school and must leave campus no later than 3:45pm. All students must be in place for tutorial by 3:45pm.  Students not being in place at proper time may lead to disciplinary consequences. 

Parents/guardian, please pick up your children by 4:00pm if they are not staying after for approved activities, picking them up later than this is against our school policy.  If there is a family emergency that does not allow you to be here by 4pm, please alert our front office. Students not picked up on time may result in our school social worker becoming involved.  This has become an issue because we have students waiting for rides as late as 5pm or even in some cases after 7pm.  Our students need rest and proper time to complete their studies at home. It is a safety issue for student to remain after for 4pm because staff contractual times end at 4:15pm.  Please allow your students to ride the bus as an alternative- this is a safe and fast way to get home.  If picking students up on time or riding the bus is not an option, please get them involved in an approved Westlake activity. 

College and Career Website

Please click on this link to review the new college and career website- www.liongrads.com . If you have any additional college or career questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Tony Rhone at rhonetf@fultonschools.org



Please consider volunteering at our school as our students can greatly benefit from your involvement and contributions to the programs and operations of the school. Joining the Westlake PTSA is a great way to keep abreast of opportunities to contribute and become involved. We seek volunteers to help us with the following activities:

1.    Supporting campus beautification days

2.    Providing assistance in the cafeteria or other areas

3.    Organizing special events and student recognition activities

4.    Serving as field-trip chaperones, mentors, or guest speakers

5.    Serving as resources for project-based learning experiences

For the safety of our students, ALL volunteers must register to become a volunteer. Please visit the Fulton County Volunteer Page to complete the registration.

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