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When should the parent be called to come and pick up the student? Or when should the student be kept at home due to illness? While each situation is individualized, the well-being of the student and the entire class are considered. Here are some general guidelines recommended by Children' Healthcare of Atlanta that are used:

Symptom Detail When to return
Fever 100.4 or more -- usually a sign of an infection that may be contagious Fever free for 24 hours without medication to control it.
Vomiting More than one episode -- Not induce by cough or reflux Able to maintain normal diet
Diarrhea May lead to dehydration or be infectious Diarrhea free
Frequent persistent cough May indicate secondary infection -- sinusitis / pneumonia / asthma Minimal coughing or treatment begun
Infectious Illness -- strep throat / pink eye, flu, etc. Is contagious to staff and other students On antibiotics or treatment for 24 hours

These recommendations have been adopted by Fulton County Schools and are followed by the clinic assistant in your child's school. Please consult your child's healthcare provider when your child has the above symptoms to determine if an office visit is necessary. Also as you observe changes in your student's health, subtle or obvious, please inform the staff to give us a "heads up" concerning your child's health. If your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness, please inform the school.
The Office of Student Health Services
Clinic Workers: Victoria Mcfarlane & Jerolyn Shults
Hours: 8:30 -- 3:40
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