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​​The Front Office welcomes you and wished to share a little bit of information with you to make some basic procedures easier for all parties involved. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have a question or concern!



Most dismissals that occur during the school day are pre-planned and can be a smooth process following these easy steps.

  1. Write a note outlining the following –who (full name please) you are checking out, why you are checking out, date and time you are checking out, then sign and give a contact number.  Please write legibly.  Also, please note that the latest a student should check out is 3:30 pm.  This avoids conflict with buses and car pool drivers arriving for dismissal.
  2. Your student should bring this note to the front office on the day of the pre-planned early dismissal.  The note will be approved and will then serve as a pass out of class at the noted time.  Your student is then instructed to report to the front office at your stated time so be sure this accurately represents when you want them to be at the front office.
  3.  Check out (and in) requires that you enter the school front office and your student exit or enter with you.
  4. When you arrive, you will sign your student out in the log and they will have reported to the front office as instructed.

This process will help us to keep instructional time productive and with minimal interruptions.  Thank You!



An ‘automatic phone parent notification’ is now generated when any absence is entered by a teacher during the class day.  When the student returns to school and an email (to CMSattendance@fultonschools.org) or a note is submitted to the front office and the cause of the absence is ‘excusable’, a correction is made to the student record.  Examples of excusable absences are illness, funeral attendance, and religious observance.  The average time from the absence to the correction for an excusable absence is 1-2 days.  When you receive this call and if you have already communicated an explanation of the absence, no further action is needed.  Should you wish to confirm that your student’s attendance is accurately logged, you may check Home Access Center a few days after an absence.  Simply run your mouse over the day to see more detail.  Remember that the beginning of the day starts promptly at 8:55 .  CMS appreciates your participation in this process to assure maximum instructional time for all students.



Each student has a ‘normal’ method of transportation, but occasionally this must be changed.  A change should be thoroughly discussed with your student and when possible, noted in their agenda for that day (so they don’t forget by 4:05!).  Most changes are pre-planned and should take place outside of the school day.  When a last minute change is needed, you may e-mail porterl@fultonschools.org and the change will be communicated to your student. 

Only under circumstances of a need for child care can a student ride a different bus.  Given that circumstance only, a parent must send a note to school with the student and include the following information: name of student, reason for bus change, bus number, destination address, destination phone number, parent signature, and parent contact phone number.  This parent note must be submitted to the front office for approval or a student will not be allowed to alter their transportation.


Guidelines for Decorating Lockers for Birthdays

Students decorating lockers has always been a fun way to recognize and celebrate classmates birthdays during the school day! In an effort to limit disruptions to teacher planning, Help Sessions, and meetings during the morning, we need your help! Effective Monday February 4th, the following procedures will be required in order for students to be granted permission to decorate student lockers:

    • Lockers may only be decorated after school
    • Lockers may only be decorated with the pre-cut paper (sold with approved removable glue dots) that will be sold in the Husky Hut (open daily 8:25am – 8:50am)
    • The basic Husky Hut kits will be $4 and include the precut giftwrap, removable glue dots, a bow, and a sticker to write a personalized note.
    • Students may bring (or purchase at the Husky Hut) additional stickers, bows, or ribbons with the following guidelines:
      • Items (such as stickers) may only be stuck to the wrapping paper area and not directly touch any of the metal locker parts.
      • Items (such as ribbon) way not dangle past the bottom of the locker door.
      • Balloons are not allowed.

      Thank you for adhering to these guidelines, and thank you to the PTA volunteers who have made the kits available at the Husky Hut so that locker decorating can continue at CMS. Effective immediately, locker decorating kits are available in the Husky Hut.


        Café Protocol
      • Students are not allowed to 'charge' a lunch in middle school. If there is no money available, a sandwich and milk will be provided.

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