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​​The purpose of the School Governance Council is to provide parents, school staff, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the school. The School Governance Council is a governing body that is representative of the community and the school, but operates under the control and management of the Board of Education. The Council is responsible for making decisions regarding the strategic direction of the school including: 

a.) Approve the school strategic plan and updates 
b.) Approve the annual budget and annual resource allocations 
c.) Manage the Request for Flexibility process 
d.) Participate in hiring the principal (in the case of a vacancy) 
e.) Provide annual feedback on principal performance.​


Council Members​


Dr. Rako Morrissey


Elected Teacher Member


Cara Hain

Term Ends: 6/30/19


Elected Teacher Member  

Becky Salvatore

Term Ends 6/30/20


School Employee Member, Parliamentarian

Jodi Moskowitz   

Terms Ends: 6/30/19        



Community Representive

Darlene Trigg      

Term Ends: 6/30/19



Community Representative

Danny Broadway

Term Ends: 6/30/20        



Parent Representative

Karen Studley

Term Ends: 6/30/19 


Parent Representative, Vice Chair

Elysa Greenwald

Term Ends: 6/30/20




Parent Representative

Pamela Holloway

Term Ends: 6/30/20




School Employee Member

Amy Levin

Term Ends: 6/30/20



​Budget (Greenwald, Trigg, Holloway, Moskowitz, Broadway). Trigg is approved as chair. Outreach and Communications (Salvatore, Levin, Greenwald, Hain). Greenwald is approved as chair. Principal Selection (Hain, Salvatore, Levin, and Holloway).

​Elysa Greenwald

  • Becky Salvatore
  • Amy Levin
  • Cara Hain
​Chairperson for Outreach and Communication Committee

Darlene Trigg

  • Elysa Greenwald
  • Pamela Holloway
  • Jodi Moskowitz
  • Danny Broadway

​Chairperson for Budget Committee


  • ​Cara Hain
  • Becky Salvatore
  • Amy Levin
  • Pamela Holloway

Principal Selection



Crabapple Middle School Governance Council welcomes feedback related to the school strategic plan and implementation of related programs.  You may contact any council member in person or via email (listed above).  Public comment is also allotted at the beginning of regularly scheduled meetings if listed in the agenda for the meeting, which is posted 7 days in advance of the meeting date.  The protocol for requesting a two minute slot is listed in the resources section on on the right.  A public comment box is also located in the front office for those that would like to provide written feedback regarding our current RFF proposals.



School Governance Council News

On October 3, 2016 the SGC council submitted two initial RFF interest forms. The first RFF asked for a class-size waiver, which aligns with our strategic initiative to enhance remediation and acceleration programs, classes, and resources. In asking for a waiver to increase the current class size of TAG classes from 26 to 29, it allows more flexibility in student scheduling as well as more seats for students to take advanced courses. The second RFF was presented for an instructional minutes waiver to help support a successful student transition to high school by allowing a mass dismissal of eighth graders after finals on the last two days before the end of the semester. It mimics the high school experience and will decrease student behavior issues as they are off-campus. In addition, it would serve as an attendance incentive for students to be present throughout the semester.  Upon receiving feedback from the district, the council voted to move forward with submitting only one final proposal for the class-size waiver.  You can review the initial RFF interest form here.


On October 17, 2016 the SGC submitted an initial seed fund application requesting funds to support the WEB (where everyone belongs) professional development training program to address school climate and culture by promoting the success of all students with a safe, rigorous, and positive school climate.  You can review the initial Seed Fund application here.








​Meeting Dates:

Council Meetings​​

August 23, 2018

September 17, 2018

October 18, 2018

November 15, 2018

January 17, 2019

February 27, 2019

May 16, 2019


All meetings are held in the 

front office ​conference room beginning at 8:00 AM 

unless otherwise noted in the meeting agenda.

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