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​​​​​​​6.1 Safe Online T​alk

6.1.1 Safety Video Vignettes (15 minutes)

* Print a copy of Take Three Student Handout.
* Watch Perspectives on Chatting OnlineVideo (see below)
* Answer the questions after watching the video. 


6.1.2 What's Risky? (10 minutes)
* Teacher led discussion. Teacher uses Communicating Safely Online Teacher Backgrounder

6.1.3 Internet Traffic Light
* Print a copy of the Internet Traffic Light Student Handout​ 
* Answer the questions on handout.

6.1.4 Student Assessment
* Take the​ ​Safe Online Talk Student Assessment


​​6.2 Scams & Schemes

6.2.1 What is Identity Theft? (10 minutes)
* Teacher led discussion.

6.2.2 To Catch a Phish (15 minutes)
* Print a copy of Spotting Scams Student Handout

6.2.3 Protect Yourself from Online Scams
* Refer to Spotting Scams Student Handout

6.2.4 Student Assessment
* Take th​e​ Scams and Schemes Student Assessment

6.3 Digital Life 101​​

6.3.1 Watch Video (10 minutes)
Watch Digital Life 101 Animation Video (see below)


6.3.2 Make a Concept Map (15 minutes)
* Print a copy of Digital Life Glossary Student Handout (Optional)

6.3.3 Create Smiles (10 minutes)
* Print a copy of My Media Life Is Like Student Handout
* Optional: Print  and Complete Got Media Smarts?

6.3.4 Student Assessment
* ​Take Digital Life 101 Student Assessment

6.4 Strategic Searching 

6.4.1 Searching Strategies (10 minutes)
* Print 6_4 Tips for Strategic Searching Student Handout.pdf

6.4.2 Plan and Perform a Search (15 minutes)
* Print and ​complete 6_4 Make a Search Plan Student Handout.pdf

6.4.3 Student Assessment
* ​Take 6_4 Strategic Searching Student Assessment.pdf

​​6.5 A Creator's Rights​​​

6.5.1 Learn About Copyright (5 minutes)
* Watch Nicole's Story – Copyrighting Creative Work 


6.5.2 Introduce Key Vocabulary for Creators
(15 minutes)
Print and Complete 411 for Creators Student Handout

6.5.3 Copyright and Songs (15 minutes)

Print and Complete The Truth About "Happy Birthday" Student Handout

6.5.4 Student Assessment
* ​Take A Creators Right Student Assessment

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