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​​7.1 Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line ​​

7.1.1 Stacey's Story
( 15 Minutes)
* Watch Stacey's Story – When Rumors Escalate


7.1.2 Case Study Analysis
(15 minutes)
* Print and Complete Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line Student Discussion Guide


7.1.3 Student Assessment
* Take Cyberbullying_Crossing the Line _Assessment

​​7.2 Trillion Dollar Footprint 

7.2.1 The Digital Footprint
(10 minutes)
* Watch The Digital Footprint


7.2.2 Choose a Host (25 minutes)
* Print Choose a Host Student Handout
* Optional: Print Choose a Host Student FEEDBACK FORM


7.2.3 Student Assessment*
* Take Trillion Dollar Footprint Assessment

​​7.3 My Media 

7.3.1 My Media Logs (10 minutes)
* Watch Creating a Snapshot of Digital Media Use (see below)
* Print My Media Log Student Handout


7.3.2 My Media Bar Graphs
(15 minutes)
* Print My Media Bar Graph Student Handout

 7.3.3 Student Assessment
* Take My Media Student Assessment

​​7.4 A Creator's Responsibilities​​

7.4.1 Henry's Story
(10 minutes)
Watch video Henry's Story – Making Mashups
Print A Creator's Responsibilities Discussion Guide


7.4.2 Reflection and Discussion of Case Studies (20 minutes)
Choose one or two of the case studies listed in the A Creator's Responsibilities Discussion Guide​ (same as above).

7.4.3 Student Assessment
​* Take A Creator's Responsibilities Assessment

7.5 Gender Stereotypes Online

7.5.1 What Are Gender Stereotypes?
(10 minutes)

7.5.2 Gender Messages in Virtual Worlds
(20 minutes)
Print Dress Up Your Avatar Student Handout


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