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8.1 Which Me Should I Be​​

8.1.1 Henry's Story
(10 minutes)

* Watch Henry's Story – Creating Online Identities 



8.1.2 Take a Stand (25 minutes)
* Print Take a Stand Student Handout

8.1.3 Student Assessment

Take Which Me Should I Be_Assessment

8.2 Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

8.2.1 Create a Cyberbullying Map
(15 minutes)
* Print Why Care? Student Handout


8.2.2 Read about Bystanders (15 minutes)
* Review Why Care? Student Handout​ (same as above)

8.2.3 Student Assessment
* Take Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding Assessment

8.3 Identifying High-Quality Sites

8.3.1 Can Anyone Be an Author?
(10 minutes)

* Optional: WatchUsing Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy Websites


8.3.2 Test Before You Trust (20 minutes)
* Print Test Before You Trust Student Handout


8.3.3 Student Assessment
* Take Identifying High-Quality Sites_Assessment

8.4 The Reality of Digital Drama

8.4.1 Discussing Online Drama Video
(15 minutes)
* Print Dissecting Drama Student Handout
* Watch Discussing Digital Drama 


8.4.2 The (Un)Reality of Reality TV Drama (20 minutes)
Watch Real Housewives Series Clips
Review Dissecting Drama Student Handout (same as above)


8.4.3 Student Assessment
* Take The Reality of Digital Drama_Assessment

8.5 Rework, Reuse, Remix​

8.5.1 Learn About Public Domain and Fair Use
(15 minutes)
Print Four Points of Fair Use Student Handout
* Watch Copyright and Fair Use Animation



8.5.2 Judge the Fair Use of Case Studies (10 minutes)
* Review Four Points of Fair Use Student Handout (same as above)

* Watch Scary Mary 



* Watch  United State of Pop 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q0dsG8fTHY



8.5.3 Make It Fair Use! (10 minutes)


8.5.4 Student Assessment
* Take Rework Reuse Remix_Assessment

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