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Ms. Stephanie CrawfordLanguage Arts
​Ms. Jill Heckman​Social Studies
​Ms. Tammi Saranko​Social Studies
​Ms. Roxanne Ross​Science
​Ms. Ashley Phillips​Reading
​Ms. Natasha Earley​Spanish
​Ms. Maureen Hetrick​Math
​Ms. Lacey Catall​Science
​Ms. Renee Kelly​Math
Mr. Clay Thomason​Math
​Ms. Pam Blish​French
​Ms. Steph Getty​Science and Social Studies
​Ms. Holley Cooper​Language Arts
Ms. Sandy Fitzgerald​Math



Jennifer CassidyPrincipal
Kim Kapella6th Grade Assistant Principal
Glenn JohnsonCounselorjohnsong1@fultonschools.org
Hannah MilliganCounselormilliganh@fultonschools.org
Ansel ComerCounselor Secretarycomera@fultonschools.org
Melanie McCollumGraduation Coach



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