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School Wide Positive Behavior Framework  



A School-wide Positive Behavior System/ Framework (SW-PBS) consists of a range of strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing/ reducing inappropriate behaviors among all students. SW-PBS is not a specific “model” or program but a framework of effective practices, interventions, and systems change strategies.

Resource… http://www.osepideasthatwork.org/toolkit/pdf/SchoolwideBehaviorSupport.pdf

We will add to the character education program (I C.A.R.E.) that has been established here at Holcomb Bridge. When staff members observe students exhibiting model behaviors, they can reward students by giving them “I C.A.R.E.” bucks. 

What does I C.A.R.E. mean?

I… Commit acts of kindness

I…Act responsibly

I…Respect people and property

I…Ensure safety

How will the bucks be used?

Students can use the bucks to “purchase” specific rewards (i.e. having lunch outside with class).  


Who receives the rewards? Any student enrolled here at Holcomb Bridge is eligible to receive I C.A.R.E. bucks. 


Holcomb Bridge Middle School already has a culture that focuses on developing and maintaining a positive climate and relationships among students, staff, and parents; having a school wide positive behavior system will aid in this process.


Establishing a positive/ proactive school wide discipline plan is critical so we can focus even more on positive behaviors instead of negative behaviors among students.


Additionally, developing positive relationships with students is critical to ensure that they have successful and positive academic and social experiences in school.



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