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​HBMS Yes I Can! Award Recipient 2016


Each year, one student from each school can be selected to represent his school at the system-wide Yes I Can! Celebration. 

On behalf of the Holcomb Bridge Middle School administration and intellectual disabilities department, we'd like to inform the HBMS community that Kweli Jordan is the winner of the Yes I Can! Award for 2016! 

Kweli was nominated for his progress in his academic skills, self-help skills and more appropriate social skills. We are SO PROUD of his growth this year. 

Way to go, Kweli!

HBMS has a State Winner!


Congratulation to Amelia Jameson!
She is a 7th grade student and was recognized last week at the State Reflections reception
with a 2nd place in Literature. Way to represent our school!!

Cape Day was a Success!

On behalf of Jr. Beta and Superheroes everywhere, we would like to say, "THANK YOU!" for your support of CAPE DAY!!!!  Many of you donated more than the requested pledge of $5 and we are so grateful.  Together we raised $314 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the patients who are so deserving of our support.  Thanks again, and GO HAWKS!.

cape day.jpg 


c5 picture.jpg  

Ian Allum, Galle Barthole, Madison Bryant, Landon Coley (not pictured), Tamara Fonteles, Kate Klimov, Geordyn Marks, Sebastian Mijangos, Mitzi Nunez, Adia Parks, Erika Rodriguez (not pictured), Breeland Smith, Alexis Stafford, Christopher Velasco, Katelyn Wasem

Once again, Holcomb Bridge Middle School has the opportunity to highlight some of our students. For the last several years, we are delighted to say that we've been able to partner with the C5 Georgia Youth Leadership Program (formerly known as Camp Coca-Cola); the ONLY Fulton County school with this opportunity.

What is C5 Georgia? It is a 5 year youth leadership development program that has adopted a mission "to change the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced environments, inspiring them to pursue personal success, and preparing them for leadership roles in college, work and their communities." This program encourages teens to be: Character-driven; Community-focused; Challenge-ready; College-bound; and Committed to a better future.





Congratulations to Marianne Lamarche as she won first place for best project for the 7th grade for the entire state of Georgia in the discipline of Anthropology on her project about Genetically Modified Foods.




HBMS by monument sign.jpg 

The 2013-2014 HBMS Model UN Team: Left to right: Max Wall, Emsley Brems, Mintie Badauskas, Simone Eames, Joshua Ng, Daniel Grinsphon, Philippe Lamarche, Aditya Bhatt, Brandon Semones, Anna Hansil, Chason Thompson and Genevieve Rowlands. (Not pictured: Catherine Fisher).

Thirteen 8th grade students from Holcomb Bridge Middle School recently traveled to New York City to visit the United National Headquarters and debate current world issues with 1,600 middle school students from around the world at the 9th annual Global Classroom’s International Middle School Model UN Conference on March 27-29, 2014. The students were accompanied to New York by HBMS Assistant Principal Matt Vance and teachers Dwayne Gregory, Pam Wright and Aubrey Chaffin.

Holcomb Bridge Middle School was the first middle school in Fulton County to participate in an international Model UN competition, and it is one of only a few in Georgia to attend. “These students were an exciting group to work with—they were inquisitive, hard-working and articulate. I was impressed with their collaboration skills and their public speaking. And, they also excelled at partying at the delegate social on Friday night! It was a fun trip,” said teacher Pam Wright. 

The student teams, acting as delegates from Ukraine and Iran, spent weeks preparing for their roles as spokespeople for their respective countries. Considering recent world conflicts, students had to work diligently to keep their materials current. This year, the HBMS students were afforded the incredible opportunity to learn and practice formal debate skills. Mr. James R. Roland III, Director of Community Outreach and Engaged Scholarship for the Barkley Forum at Emory University, Program Director for the National Debate Project, and director of the Debate Center at Georgia State University, facilitated a series of three workshops for the HBMS Model UN team.   

Once at the event, the team had to be ready to draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and show mastery of Model UN conference rules of procedure. “I thought that our team did extremely well at the conference and really expressed our countries’ points of view on the designated issues,” said 8th grade student Anna Hansil. The HBMS students addressed controversial topics such as Genetically Modified Organisms and Sustainable Diets, Access to Education for Persons with Disabilities, Empowering Rural Women, Establishing Action Plans for Global Pandemics, and Protecting the Arctic. Each Holcomb Bridge delegate spoke in front of the large, international committees, impacting the resolutions drafted. HBMS student delegates Simone Eames and Joshua Ng received a well-deserved verbal accolade for their accomplishments during committee procedures. 

“I am very proud of these students and our educators who coached and accompanied them,” said Principal Joy Schroerlucke. “This is the 8th year that our school has participated in the International Model UN competition. As a school of global classrooms, it is a perfect fit for us.”  

The HBMS students worked the entire year during Learning Lab to prepare for the big event and collectively raised over $20,000 to cover the cost of the trip—but they didn’t do it alone. “We are so grateful to all the companies in our community who sponsored us,” said 8th grade student Mintie Badauskas. “Mr. Clean Carwash, Skyzone, Studio Movie Grill and the Holcomb Bridge PTA all helped us. We also won a Sawnee EMC Bright Ideas Grant of $1,500 to help cover the cost of our travel to the conference in New York. And, it was so nice of our families, friends and neighbors to help, too.” Her teammate, Anna Hansil, agrees. “It was fantastic how the team came together to brainstorm our fundraising. It was a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” added Hansil. “I loved everything about the trip from the diversity of the conference—meeting students from countries on the other side of the world as well as from the U.S.—to getting to see the windy Empire State Building and more in New York City!” 

Holcomb Bridge Middle School—a school of global classrooms—is located at 2700 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA. The school has received numerous distinctions, including the prestigious designation of Georgia National Lighthouse School to Watch for being a high-performing school that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. Holcomb Bridge is also a Georgia School of Excellence and a Distinguished Title I School. 


HBMS at airport.jpg

The HBMS Model UN at Hartsfield-Jackson airport gets ready to fly to New York. Back row (left to right): Genevieve Rowlands, Anna Hansil, Emsley Brems, Chason Thompson, Daniel Grinsphon, Philippe Lamarche and Max Wall. Front row (left to right): Joshua Ng, Aditya Bhatt, Brandon Semones, Mintie Badauskas, Catherine Fisher and Simone Eames.


The HBMS Model UN team on site at the United Nations Headquarters. Back row (left to right): HBMS Teacher Pam Wright, Brandon Semones, Emsley Brems, Anna Hansil, Genevieve Rowlands, Daniel Grinsphon, Philippe Lamarche, Chason Thompson. Front row (left to right): Mintie Madauskas, Joshua Ng, Max Wall, Aditya Bhatt, Catherine Fisher, Simone Eames.




jams ups.jpg












45 students took part in the Jr. Achievement Means Success Business Challenge Competition (BCC) held for the second year at Holcomb Bridge Middle School. BCC affords groups of diverse students the opportunity to identify a need in the marketplace, create a business idea, develop and present a business plan and ultimately compete against other students, under the guidance of volunteers who this year came from UPS.


Please click here for a full list of Reflections Program Winners for Fall 2013. Congratulations to all the HBMS students who won. The theme for next year's Reflections Program is..."The world would be a better place if..."








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