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2019 -2020 Registration Information

Welcome to Hopewell Middle School! Our goal is to make the transition a smooth and positive experience for our new students and their families. This begins with answering your questions, understanding your student's specific interests and discussing the proper placement to address his or her academic needs. To accomplish this, we ask that you contact Hopewell's front office at 470-254-3240 to schedule a registration appointment. We will be registering students for the 2019/20 School year beginning July 30th. We are unable to accommodate walk-in registrations.

The following items must be brought to your registration appointment. If you are unable to provide all of the documents at the time of your appointment, please call to reschedule.

  • onlineEnrollment.jpgComplete the Online Registration Form prior to your registration appointment. This form can be accessed here. Click on Register New Account and enter a Login ID and Password that’s easy for you to remember. (If your student does not have a social security number, please enter 000-00-0000 in the social security field on the form).

  • Registration Packet - Please complete a registration packet which can be accessed here.

  • Birth Certificate or Passport - Birth Certificate must be government issued. Hospital certificates are not acceptable.

  • Social Security Card - Please bring the original government issued card. Social Security numbers are voluntary, and waivers are available during your registration appointment. A migrant number is also acceptable.

  • Immunization Records on GA Form 3231 - Georgia requires students to be immunized against measles, mumps, polio, rubella, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B and varicella. Form 3231 from the Georgia Department of Human Resources is the form used for documenting the immunization status for children who will be admitted to any school in Georgia. The form is only available at your Georgia licensed physician.

  • Certificate of Vision, Hearing and Dental Screening, Ga Form 3300. The form must be signed by the Health Department or a Georgia licensed physician. The screenings can be performed by your dentist and health care provider, the health center, and many urgent care centers. The North Fulton Regional Health Center is located at 3155 Royal Drive, Alpharetta, Ga 30022. They can be contacted at (404)612-1876.

  • Two Proofs of Residency - One proof must be a current water or electric bill. The second proof must be one of the following: Copy of home mortgage bill, valid Driver’s License or State ID with your current address, copy of home sale contract, current bank statement, current paycheck, current HOA bill, current apartment/house lease, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance registration card or Section Eight/HUD contract.

  • Academic Records - Schools will often send us records after school begins, but it is extremely important to bring valuable academic information at the time of registration. Bring the most recent report card, transcripts, and any standardized achievement test scores the child has had in the past two years. Please also bring your withdrawal form from your prior school (including address, phone and fax number of previous school). More complete information will enable us to efficiently provide accurate placement for your child.

  • Talented and Gifted - On school letterhead, the current school administration must state your child is currently enrolled in a Talented and Gifted program and state the criteria for placement. If you have an eligibility form, please supply it also. A complete testing history is needed. Have the school supply a list of the courses in which your child was enrolled. Supply placement information and grades in all core curriculum subjects. Only students enrolled in a gifted program within the state of Georgia will receive direct placement into the TAG program at HMS.

  • Special Education – Bring the latest IEP or 504 Plan from your student’s current school.

  • Custody Paperwork (if applicable)

Student Withdrawal

  • Hopewell Middle requests one work days' notice to complete the withdrawal process for a student.

  • Students are required to return all textbook and school materials, as well as to pay any fines, cafeteria charges, and/or lost book or CD fees before receiving a copy of the withdrawal paperwork.

  • Forwarding address, new school information, and parent signature are required on the withdrawal form.


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