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The Georgia Performance Standards for mathematics have been designed to achieve a balance among concepts, skills, and problem solving.  The curriculum stresses rigorous concept development, presents realistic and relevant tasks, and keeps a strong emphasis on computational skills.  At all grades, the curriculum encourages students to reason mathematically, to evaluate mathematical arguments both formally and informally, to use the language of mathematics to communicate ideas and information precisely, and to make connections among mathematical topics and to other disciplines.

The mathematics curriculum is organized into five content strands: number and operations, measurement, geometry, algebra, and data analysis and probability.  At each grade, there are process standards that emphasize problem solving, reasoning, representation, connections, and communication. Additionally, this curriculum requires that mathematics classrooms at every grade be student-focused rather than teacher-focused using a balanced approach to instruction.  Working individually or collaboratively, students should be actively engaged in inquiry related to real phenomena. Knowledge and procedural skills should be developed in this context.  Multiple representations of mathematics, alternative approaches to problem solving, and the appropriate use of technology are all fundamental to achieving the specified goals of the curriculum.


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