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As the school staff works with you this year, we need your assistance and cooperation in preparing for the possibility that your child might need to take medication, become ill, or have an accident during school hours. We hope this letter will explain our procedures.

Emergency Information
Emergency contact information should be updated annually by the parent or legal guardian within five (5) days of the beginning of the new school year (as well as upon entering a Fulton County School) by returning the Emergency Contact Information form to the school. Schools may ask for additional updates at the beginning of the second semester. You can make copies yourself or request additional Emergency Contact Information forms from the school in the event that the student condition changes. The school should be informed of any student who has a medical condition, chronic illness, requires assistance for any medical procedure or problem, or takes daily medication.

Current accurate health and phone information enables the school to contact you in case of emergency or illness and will enable us to ensure the health and well being of the student. If any information changes during the school year, please contact the school immediately. It is the parent or legal guardian's responsibility to update the student's heath information appropriately. In case of serious accident or illness at school, your child will be transported by ambulance to an emergency medical facility. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for all expenses.

Prescription/Non-Prescription Medication
Medication time schedules should be set so that when possible, medicine is taken at home rather than at school. However, if medication must be taken at school, the following procedures apply:

Medication Administration Form - The parent/legal guardian and physician must complete an authorization and instruction form entitled "Authorization To Give Medication At School".  For prescription medication, your physician must also sign the form. Non-prescription medication only requires the signature of the parent/legal guardian. Click on the form name above for a copy of this form. The completed form MUST accompany any medication that is to be given in school, so be sure to take this form to your physician whenever your child is ill. The school CANNOT give medications without the accompanying form. The same form is used for Prescription and Non-Prescription medications. This form is only good for one school year. A faxed copy of the form from your doctor's office is acceptable after parent/legal guardian signature. Please us a separate form for each medication.

The medication (along with the authorization form), must be taken to the school office/clinic for central storage. The parent/guardian should take the medication to school; however, if this is not possible, the student should be instructed to take the medication and the authorization form directly to the school office/clinic upon arrival at school. Please instruct your student that under NO circumstances should medication be shown or shared with another student! It is essential for parent/legal guardian to bring controlled substance medications to the school personally.

Only the medication in its original container from the store or pharmacy is accepted. Medications should not be sent mixing dosages or different medications into one bottle. Do not send any medications in baggies, foil, or daily dosage containers of any kind. Non-prescription medication in small bottle size are preferred due to limited storage space. Both prescription and non-prescription medication sent to school must have current labeling on the bottle. Medication in bottles that have expired labeling will not be given to the student. The medication in the bottle must MATCH the label, MATCH the student, and have a CURRENT prescription label on the bottle. A new prescription bottle with correct labeling is required for any dosage change. The school cannot alter dosages without a new authorization form from you and /or your doctor/health care provider.

At the designated time, the student will go to the office/clinic to take the medication. Assistance/supervision will be in accordance with the instructions on the authorization form. The parent/legal guardian should notify the school if assistance is needed for the student to maintain an appropriate medication schedule. Medication is a parental responsibility, therefore Fulton County Schools school employees will not assume any liability for supervising or assisting in the administration of medication and the school system retains the privilege of refusing to supervise/assist in administering medication, except where otherwise required by law.

Unused medication should be retrieved from the school office/clinic within one week after medication is discontinued; otherwise, the school will dispose of the medication. Medication left at the end of the school year will be discarded.

 Student Illness / Injury
Sick students who are contagious and/or have a fever greater than 100.4 MUST NOT be sent to school. When a student becomes ill at school, the parent MUST ARRANGE for the student to be taken home. On the Student Enrollment and/or Emergency Contact Form, please list friends/relatives as emergency contacts for you student when you cannot be reached. Please list cell phone numbers. This information is especially important if you student travels a distance to and from the home area to the school site. We discourage transporting a very ill or injured student home by the school bus.

If your child is diagnosed with any communicable disease (flu, strep throat, head lice, chicken pox, etc) please inform the Clinic. When appropriate, we inform parents so they may watch for specific symptoms at home, lessening the chance of the illness spreading further in our school. Thanks so much for your help with this matter.

By working together, we can strive to ensure the health and well-being of every student so that he/she can benefit from the educational program.


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