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​​Device User Agreement 2018-2019
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​Surface Fine Information
Microsoft Surface Cheat Sheet.pdf
Surface Troubleshooting.pdf
General Guidelines:
  • Students should bring their device fully charged to school every day.  The device may take up to two hours to charge if the battery is fully discharged.

Helpful Handouts and Information:  (Note:  Videos are in mp4 format.  Please use Internet Explorer version 11 for best results.)

Successfully charging your Surface

If you're having problems charging your Surface, try these tips:

  • Connect the Surface to the Mini-USB cable FIRST then plug the power adapter into the wall.
  • Unplug the power adapter and plug it back in again.
  • Do not charge the Surface from a power strip. Plug directly into a wall outlet
  • Try fully shutting down the Surface before charging. Do NOT just put the Surface to sleep by pushing the top button or closing the cover. Do a full, correct shut-down
  • The Surface will only charge if plugged into an outlet. It won't charge if plugged into the USB of another device/computer.
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